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True religion is all about truth! Isn’t it??

Scholar, Seeker of Truth, and Regrettably, Finder of Truth: ~ by Rich Kelsey Thomas Stuart Ferguson, a distinguished and devout Mormon archeologist, set out to prove to the world that the Book of Mormon was true. Ferguson thought it would … Continue reading

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I KNEW I Knew.

For most of my 47 years on planet earth I KNEW I Knew certain things about the purpose of life and the Plan of Salvation. Then, unexpectedly, and most certainly unintentionally, I became aware of certain facts about my belief … Continue reading

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“I See The Light” ~ Disney’s ‘Tangled’

This song beautifully celebrates those wonderful ‘A-Ha’ moments we have in life, where we suddenly, unexpectedly see things in new and exciting ways which widen our view of the world and enrich our lives. I See the Light From “Tangled” … Continue reading

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Letter to President Martin re: text for disciplinary council

10th May 2011 Dear President Martin, Hoping you, Linda and family are well.  And you are not too stressed with work. I received the following text from my friend ____________, the bishop, notifying me of plans to hold a disciplinary … Continue reading

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Links to my websites

My Natural Gait website: My Podiatry Clinic website: My Photographic website:

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John Dehlin

John has done more for Mormons to find peace in their lives than anyone else I have ever known. John is an inspiration to those who know him because of his amazing courage, empathy and insight into the issues causing … Continue reading

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German Doctor & Benefits of Barefoot Walking

Berlin -Walking barefoot is the most natural and effective foot reflex therapy available. ‘Putting the soles of your feet in contact with all the normal sensations helps to relieve internal tension and reduce stress,’ says Dieter Breithecker, head of Germany’s … Continue reading

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