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Does the Universe have a Purpose?

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The “Last Days” or The “Best Of Days”?

I used to think that the greatness of a people or nation was dependent on their faith in God and their righteousness in keeping His Commandments. That when people became wicked and committed sins that they ‘lost the Spirit of … Continue reading

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WHY I’VE GIVEN UP ON ANGELINA… (Feelings Are Not A Good Indicator Of Truth)

“Many millions of Mormons, as well as other fervently religious believers in all the varied and diverse faiths around the world, are just victims of a normal human psychological glitch which leaves us credulous, even gullible.

“…’spiritual knowledge’ is…just a type of emotional feeling. Those feelings…tell you HOW you feel about something. That ‘something’ could be true or false. It doesn’t matter. You don’t need to know if it’s true or false… for you to have an an emotional response to it.” Continue reading

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Living Life Outside Of Other People’s Thinking

Some have asked,”who gave you the gift?” I answered, “It’s a gift from nature.” We are all born into this world as new creatures with certain opportunities and challenges special to each of us, and some similar to others. We … Continue reading

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