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There really is nowhere to hide (or lose) the Lamanites!

It is insulting to Native Americans to pretend they were an unmentionable peasant underclass recruited into Lehite societies to build Nephite temples and fight in the Nephite-Lamanite wars. The Maya were already well on the road to developing complex civilisations by 800BCE. Why would they hand over the reigns to a small band of Semites who they vastly outnumbered? Why would they adopt Lehite names, and familial hatreds and carry on a pointless 1000 year-long brotherly feud? Its high time that the honourable and decent thing was done and these futile, damaging and racist arguments were laid to rest. Continue reading

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2009-2014: An Odyssey Without Answers in a Changing Church

Originally posted on journeyofloyaldissent:
The first time I attended an LDS church meeting was on 10th October 1971. I was 18 years old, and had been contacted on the doorstep five days previously by two young American elders, who were…

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Humanism vs Atheism

Consider a utopia in which people, having been liberated from religion at last, can agree to base their ethics on a generous view of human nature and needs. Continue reading

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Does Mormon Culture Have To Define Us For Life?

Instead of being limited by the expectations of the cynically self-serving and restrictive religious culture of Mormonism, I am free to define myself. To live my one life according to the dreams and aspirations I decide. To truly become all that human beings have the potential to become. Continue reading

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LDS Fraud Case: Voluntary Tithing and Mis-Informed Consent | Thoughts on Things and Stuff

How can there be choice and voluntary donation without informed consent…?

Examples to explain the difference between coercion and free choice. Continue reading

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Mormons believe Native Americans have Jewish ancestors: Essay Exposes Corporate Doublethink

Simon Southerton’s latest brilliant review of the LDS essay on DNA and the Book of Mormon.

LDS Church uses evolutionary biology in an attempt to defend the Book of Mormon.

Am example of corporate Double-Think! Continue reading

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Don’t Trust The Messenger: The Fear Of Apostacy!

In situations like this the messenger is more important than the message. The members’ incredible fear and their perception of me as the apostate in Satan’s powerful influence has coloured their view of everything I say and do. Continue reading

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Consoling Letter to Helston Ward

“As current and former Mormons, many of us have been through emotional turmoil as we’ve struggled with our beliefs. Some of us even made the difficult decision to leave. Our most cherished relationships have been strained or lost. We’ve experienced pain and distress, sometimes having to keep silent out of fear—all because of a lack of understanding between active members and those who question their faith.” Continue reading

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My Reasons For Supporting Tom Phillips in His Fraud Case Against President Thomas S Monson

We hope one day to see a more compassionate church, in which those of us who still retain through habit something of a Mormon identity, may find acceptance within the LDS community, no matter what our perceived deficiencies or peculiarities or orientations might be, being valued simply because we place a high value on objective truth. Continue reading

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The Shifting Sands of a Shaky Foundation!

In defending the Book of Mormon against the ravages of truth and science the Mormon Church has just shot itself in both feet and actually damaged any claim to rationality it tried to salvage from the wreckage of its frankly sick and failing 19th century fraudulent beginnings. Continue reading

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