True religion is all about truth! Isn’t it??

Scholar, Seeker of Truth, and Regrettably, Finder of Truth:
~ by Rich Kelsey

Thomas Stuart Ferguson, a distinguished and devout Mormon archeologist, set out to prove to the world that the Book of Mormon was true. Ferguson thought it would be possible to find artifacts from archaeological digs that would confirm its truthfulness. All he had to do was use the Book of Mormon as a guide because it spells out a time when a people called the Nephites lived in the New World, and it mentions several Nephite cities by name, [11] along with Nephite lands and villages. The Book of Mormon records that the Nephites constructed houses of cement, [12] as well as temples, synagogues and sanctuaries [13] throughout their territories.

Yet, with all of the digs and research Ferguson and his team undertook, they failed to find one artifact to prove that Book of Mormon Nephite cities, villages, or territories ever existed. After twenty-five years of research, Ferguson concluded:

“…you can’t set Book of Mormon geography down anywhere, because it is fictional…” [14]

Ferguson, whose original goal was to prove to the world that the Book of Mormon was true, [15] eventually lost faith in the Book of Mormon. 3

Yet Ferguson had reasons why he never left the Mormon Church. Here is a letter he wrote to an associate about his decision to stay with Mormonism:

“Perhaps you and I have been spoofed by Joseph Smith. Now that we have the inside dope—why not spoof a little back and stay aboard? Please consider this letter confidential—for obvious reasons. I want to stay aboard the good ship, Mormonism—for various reasons that I think valid. First, several of my dearly loved family members want desperately to believe and do believe it and they each need it. It does them far more good than harm. Belonging, with my eyes wide open is actually fun… I never get up and bear testimony… You might give my suggestions a trial run.” [16]

Ferguson felt that revealing the truth about the Book of Mormon to his dearly beloved family would be bad for them.

This type of reasoning reminds me of a quote from Herbert Spencer, who was a 19 th Century philosopher:

“The greatest of all infidelities is the fear that the truth will be bad.”

The word infidelities means: “absence of religious belief.”

What greater “absence of religious belief” could one possibly have, than to fear that “the truth will be bad?” True religion is all about truth. If the truth might, or will be bad for people, then something is seriously wrong with their faith!

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One Response to True religion is all about truth! Isn’t it??

  1. Good Will says:

    “Thomas Stuart Ferguson, a distinguished and devout Mormon archeologist….”

    Tom Ferguson was not a professional archaeologist, but a hobbiest. I’ve read his books. They were (innocent, ignorant, well-meaning and naive) “hack” jobs. Bro. Ferguson is to be commended, not ridiculed, however. He was a pioneer.

    While Bro. Ferguson was, lamentably, disaffected by his “discoveries” (or the lack thereof), he was not privy to the body of research that has arisen since his passing. There is MUCH to be said for “Mormon archaeology”. The fact is: the truth is stranger than (and different from) what we expected.

    There may be many reasons to disbelieve Mormonism, but archaeology shouldn’t be one of them.

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