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Why People Leave the LDS Church

This short presentation summarises most of the issues which cause people to change their beliefs. It also helps ex-member’s LDS families and friends understand the issues which led to their loved ones epiphany.

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Links!! For more information:”The Truth Will Prevail!” List of interesting websites and books to read in searching for Truth

Chris Tolworthy’s “The Church is True, The Church is Not True!” ~ Why I left the Mormon Church by Tyler Young: John Dehlin’s wonderfully comprehensive presentation on ‘Why People Leave the LDS Church’: My good friend Debra … Continue reading

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Barefoot vs shod vulnerability

Most people in Western Societies have safety concerns about barefoot walking. However, statistically and biomechanically speaking you are safer barefoot than in shoes after you become accustomed to habitual barefoot walking. It is a very common and understandable concern that … Continue reading

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Breaking Out from the Prison of Religion by Paula Kirby

By Paula Kirby In my previous article for The Hibernia Times I described how I came to question my Christian beliefs and, ultimately, concluded that there was no reason to think they were true. Now, I am going to consider … Continue reading

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Athiesm Is The True Embrace of Reality by Paula Kirby

Until 2003 I was a devout Christian. And I mean devout. I believed absolutely, and my faith was central to my life at that time. Various clergy thought I had a calling to “the ministry”; one even suggested I might … Continue reading

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BORN TO RUN review

‘Born to Run’ is a very inspiring book. It started my professional epiphany towards barefoot gait. If you aren’t already a runner you will be after reading this. It also touches on why we are human. Evolutionary anthropology. Outlining the … Continue reading

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Report on First Public Barefoot Hike

Saturday 11th June was designated as ‘Your Day Without Shoes’ by the Primalfoot Alliance, an international organisation whose objective is to encourage people to think about using their feet as nature intended. That is – Barefoot! Locally, Steve Bloor, a … Continue reading

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My focus changed from orthodoxy to truth

“The greatest of all infidelities is the fear that the truth will be bad.” ~ Herbert Spencer “For the great majority of mankind are satisfied with appearances, as though they were realities and are often more influenced by the things … Continue reading

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