A-thiest thoughts

Hi all, I’m new to being a ‘free thinker’, but loving it!

From an evolutionary point, either man is created in God’s image, or God is created in man’s to meet an evolutionary need in human psychological development.

As an a-thiest I have an ‘absence of belief’ in a personal god. Based on the balance of probabilities as I perceive the natural world, through scientific evidence and reasoning. I am no longer content to ‘put my questions on a shelf’ till I die. I no longer believe in a ‘God of the gaps’ in human knowledge and reasoning.

I have decided to live a life based on reality, rather than as previously on a hopeful fantasy.

All babies are born athiests, but are dependent on their parents and obey in faith their mum and dad to keep them safe. This is most probably an evolutionary development. As they become adults it seems many people want or need to continue that parent/child relationship with a God/Heavenly Father. It could be an evolutionary trait that had a useful purpose at one time, but now we are more knowledgeable it is just a vistigial psychological process of the mind.

The point is, now that we realise this, do we believe in the supernatural or the natural.

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2 Responses to A-thiest thoughts

  1. Marcello Jun says:

    Welcome to the club!!!

    I have the impression, from a cursory knowledge of your journey, that you and I have shared somewhat the same paths.

    I have to say, I envy you a bit. The sudden realization of shoulders unburdened by the necessity of carrying science and reason-based cognitive dissonance is quite exhilarating. Cherish this moment. After five years, it’s gotten to a point where I have to strain myself to realize that once I had held such outlandish and unreasonable beliefs.

    I agree with you: it’s wonderful to not be beholden to any belief and be free to go where science, facts, reason, and logic go. The truth shall makes us free, indeed.

    All the best in your new path.


  2. JackUK says:

    Hey Steve, have you been reading Richard Dawkins ‘The God Delusion’? Sounds like some of his ideas regarding children.
    “do we believe in the supernatural or the natural” Whichever one we read into our expereiences perhaps?
    Best wishes for your new path Steve.

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