German Doctor & Benefits of Barefoot Walking

Berlin -Walking barefoot is the most natural and effective foot reflex therapy available.

‘Putting the soles of your feet in contact with all the normal sensations helps to relieve internal tension and reduce stress,’ says Dieter Breithecker, head of Germany’s Federal Institute for Posture and Mobilisation Support.

‘Shoes, on the other hand, prevent direct contact with the ground and so adversely affect the health of our feet, our balance and posture.’ It is worthwhile at least at home, in the garden or unpolluted green spaces, to do without shoes while walks on on sandy or pebble beaches are considered perfect.

‘The unevenness of the surface underfoot has to be compensated reflexively by complicated muscle work,’ explains Breithecker. ‘This strengthens the metatarsal arch and leads to a sustainable and healthy posture.’ At the same time, walking barefoot also trains the blood vessels. Breithecker recommends the therapy for people suffering from varicose veins in their legs.

‘Wet stones and damp meadows caused by the autumnal morning dew are especially beneficial,’ he says. ‘The coldness stimulates the circulation, strengthens the immune system and encourages organ function.’

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