With more and more scientific knowledge gained over the last few decades in all fields, but especially in evolutionary medicine and neuroscience, the balance of probabilities has shifted dramatically towards God being a figment of our evolving minds and unnecessary in the evolution of life in general and the human race specifically.

In the past, what we didn’t understand we accepted as supernatural and made God responsible. He became the God of the Gaps in our knowledge. Mankind needed superstitions to explain the world around them and the cause and effect of both good and bad events in their lives.

The more we discover about the natural world and universe around us, the less we need to attribute to a supernatural being, and need our superstitious explanations less and less.

God may exist, of course, but in all probability he doesn’t.

Whilst still a believer I had many questions for him with regards to the poor design of the human foot. I could not understand how he would use such a poor design for our feet and even use the same design in his own perfected, immortalised body.

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