As The Pendulum Swings: When Doubts and Questions Arise: A Response

I’m reposting an amazing response by a wonderful blogger Sheldon Kent to the Mormon Corporation’s latest attempt to stifle real rational thought & questioning.

Sheldon analyses the Mormon article from the latest March 2015 Ensign magazine & exposes the clever mental tricks intended to keep Mormons ‘just believing’, instead of discovering the truth.

Here’s an example from Sheldon’s blog:

Doubts do not destroy faith, hope, or the family. Lying does. Lying about the history of the church destroys faith and hope. A repugnant culture of being dubious of anyone who even attempts to question the the church, its doctrines, or its leaders destroys faith and hope. Doubting hurts no one, unless the things that the person is doubting are truth claims that have been revealed to not be truths at all.

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2 Responses to As The Pendulum Swings: When Doubts and Questions Arise: A Response

  1. Hope says:

    Strikes me fwiw there’s some similarities going on between JS and Mohammed: Both frauds stole liberally from an existing religion, twisted it all to suit their delusions of themselves, and got what they richly deserved at the end. That doesn’t mean the existing original religion is flawed just JS, M, and those who labor to perpetuate their crap.

  2. Comment Man says:

    I accidentally happened upon your blog and found it sad that you couldn’t just change your views, if you truly felt you needed to, and then just move on with your life. Instead you create this extensive blog site to post criticism of the Mormon Church. You say you aren’t trying to “Mormon Bash” but that’s exactly what this site entails in blog after blog and reply after reply to comments. The scriptures speak of this very thing. An individual who once has been enlightened, and then falls away, becomes more hardened than if he’d never known the truth. Instead of just getting on with your new beliefs you are compelled to publically fight against your former beliefs…as if shouting loud and long enough will somehow help justify your choices. If you wish to voice your new beliefs, by all means do so, and keep that your focus. But focusing all your blogs on derogatory statements regarding the LDS Church is plain wrong.

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