Consoling Letter to Helston Ward


Dear friends,

I am writing to you on the express instruction of Bishop David Dodson.

As you have heard through the press I have volunteered to assist as a witness in a legal case of alleged fraud against President Thomas S Monson.

Having spent over an hour in conversation with my good friend Bishop David Dodson I am acutely aware of the hurt this action has caused you.

Bishop Dodson, being a compassionate man, has pleaded with me to attempt to calm your fears, and try to heal the hurt you feel.

Please be assured I never meant to offend or hurt anyone, particularly my friends in the Church.

Unfortunately, despite our best intentions, there are issues which inevitably cause pain and heartache.

I am not one to shy away from those difficult topics because I believe they are often the most important.

I take inspiration from the Prophet John Taylor when he said, “I think a full, free talk is frequently of great use; we want nothing secret nor underhanded, and I for one want no association with things that cannot be talked about and will not bear investigation.” – Journal of Discourses, Volume 20, Page 264.

What the press have so far failed to realise is that our motives are positive. Our reasons are to increase the openness and honesty in the Church.

“As current and former Mormons, many of us have been through emotional turmoil as we’ve struggled with our beliefs. Some of us even made the difficult decision to leave. Our most cherished relationships have been strained or lost. We’ve experienced pain and distress, sometimes having to keep silent out of fear—all because of a lack of understanding between active members and those who question their faith.”

Our actions are focused on encouraging the Church to be more forthcoming with the answers to difficult historical and doctrinal issues. These are issues which most members are scared of talking about. Yet I believe that if you have the Gospel of Jesus Christ you should have no fear.

As the Apostle George A. Smith said, “If a faith will not bear to be investigated; if its preachers and professors are afraid to have it examined, their foundation must be very weak.” – Journal of Discourses, Volume 14, Page 216

As we open doors of communication ‘Truth Will Prevail’ as error collides with beautiful reality.

All we are doing is giving President Monson an opportunity to resolve some major factual questions in his role as the Prophet of God, which he purports to be.

As Apostle Orson Pratt says,
“Convince us of our errors of Doctrine, if we have any, by reason, by logical arguments, or by the Word of God and we will ever be grateful for the information and you will ever have the pleasing reflections that you have been instruments in the hands of God of redeeming your fellow” – The Seer, p 15

What you may not realise is there are thousands of members of the Church wanting answers. Many cannot raise their voices for fear of harassment or rejection. We are speaking up for them.

There is a massive movement for change that is growing by the day. Their thoughts are expressed here:

Hopefully you can be reassured by Apostle J. Reuben Clark, “If we have the truth, it cannot be harmed by investigation. If we have not the truth, it ought to be harmed.”

Please check my blog post for a deeper understanding of my motives:

It is because of my compassion for others that I have agreed to act as a witness in this case. Hopefully we will encourage the Church to become much more open about these issues and become more supportive of those leaving the Church.

“Finally we hope one day to see a more compassionate church, in which those of us who still retain through habit something of a Mormon identity, may find acceptance within the LDS community, no matter what our perceived deficiencies or peculiarities or orientations might be, being valued simply because we place a high value on objective truth.”

Please accept my love and best wishes,
Steve Bloor

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6 Responses to Consoling Letter to Helston Ward

  1. Camille Biexei says:

    “What the press have so far failed to realise is that our motives are positive. Our reasons are to increase the openness and honesty in the Church.”
    Are you serious?? You are obviously an intelligent man. Heretofore, Steve Bloor, I have felt respect for you. But I find your “reasons” for this lawsuit disingenuous. You have yourself at least implied on this very site that the Church is largely constructed from a fabric of lies and deceptions. LDS culture does not support honesty and candor any more than the official church does.
    You must know that the leadership of the Church is not even remotely interested in full disclosure, genuine honesty and frankness. At the very least, many practices of the leadership are secretive, if not dishonest.
    I have to ask: Are you lying to yourself?

    • SteveBloor says:

      Hi Camille, In this instance my reasons for assisting in Tom Philips fraud case against the Church are as stated.

      I honestly believe this will produce a net positive result in the end.

      The Church will have to become more open and honest as a result of our actions.
      I honestly believe that.

      There is no way this will destroy the Mormon Church. No way! But it will be a more accepting place because of it.

      I accept that as a Secular Humanist I believe strongly that any religion is a ultimately a bad thing. I do not believe it is capable of assisting people to achieve their maximum potential.

      However, though campaigning for rationality is my overall goal, in this instance I will concede that small steps are needed. This is one of them.

      Thanks for reading and commenting,
      Best wishes,

  2. The tone I take with the LDS leadership is not at all a conciliatory nor polite tone. They know full well that they hurt people, they know that they break up families, they operate with full knowledge that they do not communicate with God as Moses. They simply make administrative decisions that are in their best interest. There is no issue with me when I see a corporation make decisions that are in their best interest. They should make selfish self serving decisions as they do, they are a corporation. It is expected. My issues are when they think that we are so dumb, such dullards that we cannot see it or know it. We know that they do not receive revelation (as do they) from the face of God. They make administrative decisions and nothing more. As a sales director deploys the sales force to make more sales.
    I do not like the fact that they are so full of themselves that they feel we are beneath them and cannot think for ourselves. In their view we cannot see, think, perceive and know what is really going on. We are masses of sheep cutting their lawn with our teeth and move in herd as directed it would seem. Directed by revelation it would seem.
    I do not care what the LDS leadership at any level thinks. They have the power I choose to give them and no more. Due to that they are powerless. Their views and pronouncements fall on dead ears they killed by their all to obvious self-serving notions and never happy with what is done. They are loosing millions of members because people can communicate by email. We can go to websites and get the information they tried so hard to hide. Joseph Smith really did have sex with a 14 year old minor. He really did forge money, he really did move rocks over text stating these rocks translated the messages for him. Later he said God did it. He disagrees with himself and the story gets larger and changes with every one of his accountings. Later on we find the Book of Abraham is a farce! The D&C is as wrong and made up as one can think it could be. This goes on and one.
    I left the LDS Church and am glad I did. I went on a Mission and wish I never had as those years and thousands of my personal money could have been used for college. I am not ashamed to call them on things when they know they are wrong. I am not ashamed, scared or timid in the least. My life after I decided to leave them has never been happier or more productive. Publically, in view of all, I ask people to formally leave the LDS Church. Write your letter to leave immediately. email my autoresponder (no human involved) used to give you information at Its free and no obligation. It works around the world. Email for it and it will come back in 1-2 minutes to the email address that you ask for it from. Salt Lake devours people and has no morals on it.
    In the words of Eminem, “I’m not afraid to take a stand…”
    William Strevel, California Oakland Mission 79-81

  3. vegasexcitement says:

    sorry is correct

  4. You can do no more. I suppose the LDS faithful–loving the prophet dearly–are bound to be resentful and defensive that such a humble, honoured and innocent man should be accused of fraud, or representing an institution, that is guilty of fraud.
    Once, I would have thought that, but now I see a very courageous mouse biting the tail of a man-eating lion! A lion – I might add, which is so consumed by public opinion, that it will not harm you.

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