A further Open Letter to The Europe Area Presidency ~ Ted Ralph

A short letter to the European Area Presidency from Chris Ralph’s father.


Dear Brethren,

I am in my 90th year; forgive me therefore if my senses are dulled, but I have always understood that courtesy is the watchword of our Church. Why therefore do we still await responses to my son Christopher’s open letters addressed to you on 28th August and 4th October?. open-letter-to-europe-area-presidency-of-the-church-of-jesus-christ-of-latter-day-saints
Second Open Letter

My tired old mind can only surmise that your silence is either [a] sorrowful, [b] scornful, or [c] dependent upon the approaching fortune, or otherwise, of Brother Romney, with the election’s outcome determining the tone of your eventual reply. It has even crossed my mind that possibly you may not wish to risk jeopardizing electoral prospects by responding publicly prior to 6th November.

Should this all be fancy on my part, remember that I am in my dotage, and so, perhaps, may be allowed to muse that if the said Brother does not triumph, then a reply, if and when it comes, will nevertheless be couched in measured and considerate terms…

Lest we should meet a coterie
Of Danites at our door;
With nasal twangs, and muffled bangs…
And we shall be no more!

Yours, in continued patience,

Ted Ralph

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5 Responses to A further Open Letter to The Europe Area Presidency ~ Ted Ralph

  1. Good Will says:

    The body of Mr. Ralph’s letter is offensive in tone, if not in content. While I concur that an answer to his son’s queries should be given by the Church — the Church is, after all, all about “truth”, is it not? — Mr. Ralph’s allusions to “Danites” is insulting. On the basis of that insult alone, I wouldn’t respond to his missive.

    • M Johnson says:

      Given the obvious contempt the “church” holds for faithful members and non-members alike, and the complete lack of decent and polite behavior towards individuals who seek answers from an organization that accepts their faithfully paid tithes, I’m surprised this letter is so restrained.

      Exactly how many polite, beseeching, imploring and humble letters should be written to these people before the writers need to get a little more abrupt?

  2. Scott says:

    It’s clear to me why they do not respond. They have no good response. The points in the letters are pointed and accurate, even if the tone is abrupt and somewhat contentious. The facts are accurate, the “Brethren” have suppressed, manipulated and coerced, and are now faced with the choice of acknowledging fault (which they don’t do) or memorializing false and unsustainable positions. It’s a no win for them – and so they just ignore it.

    The questions we should all be asking is what do those facts mean to us?

    • SteveBloor says:

      Thanks Scott,

      That is our purpose, as well as giving the Church leadership an opportunity to either prove our assertions right or wrong, it gives the wider public audience both inside & outside of the Church the opportunity to witness their reaction & so raise awareness.

    • pioneer1003 says:

      I think you are spot on Scott, this generation of GA’s will never never respond to these questions. I’m not an active member of the church, but if I were, I know that I would not be able to stay silent in meetings about the things that I now know.

      I think that Steve would agree with me when I say that alot of us on here now have a ‘reverse testimony’ – that the church is NOT true.

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