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How To Find The Real God!

It really sickens me that some people consider God to be all loving & all powerful, yet are not bothered by the massive amount of suffering God allows to occur to His children who are desperately clinging to life & pleading with their Maker to ease their plight. Whilst at the same time praising their God that he helped them find their keys or blessed them to find a parking space etc. Continue reading

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God Lives! And He’s in My Brain!

“There is a whole world of amazing scientific explanations for the processes involved in “know(ing) by the whispering of the Spirit of God”, but many dare not consider, truly consider, anything outside of their own belief system.” Continue reading

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Some Ideas Are Like Viruses To The Mind

“Some ideas & beliefs are dangerous, in that once believed they can hijack a believer’s ability to think rationally. This includes the beliefs and practices of organisations which use techniques of ‘mind control’ or ‘undue influence’.”

“The Mormon Church SELLS us a fantasy about Eternal Life which damages our ability to reach our potential in this life.” Continue reading

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