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Achievements Of Tom Phillips Fraud Case Against Thomas S Monson

The Mormon Church has been changed by being challenged.
In essence, the Church has been changed in several ways by the process of Tom Phillips challenging the Truth Claims of the Church. Continue reading

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Our Thoughts On The Monson Fraud Case

“Whatever the ruling today, we may be sure that this is about to become bigger and broader. Today will be a beginning of one kind or another.” Continue reading

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Mormon Disclosures: Fraud Case First Day Official Release

Phillips’ legal team clarified that religions are not above the law. They cited examples of lay and clerical members of religious institutions convicted of serious crimes in the United Kingdom. Focusing in on the case at hand, Phillips’ attorneys showed how specific LDS Church representations, particularly its deceptive use of the term, “translate,” are consistent with the illicit acts covered in the United Kingdom’s Fraud Act of 2006. Continue reading

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