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Why the Mormons Targeted Children

The new, seemingly bizarre LDS policy targeting children of gay parents, when placed in this perspective, no longer seems gratuitous or simply hateful. Rather, it falls into place within the Church’s never-ending quest to control, coerce, and dominate individuals.

Exploitation of children, families, and the law in order to maintain its hegemony seems to be standard operating procedure for the religion that claims Jesus as its head. Continue reading

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Mormon Disclosures: Fraud Case First Day Official Release

Phillips’ legal team clarified that religions are not above the law. They cited examples of lay and clerical members of religious institutions convicted of serious crimes in the United Kingdom. Focusing in on the case at hand, Phillips’ attorneys showed how specific LDS Church representations, particularly its deceptive use of the term, “translate,” are consistent with the illicit acts covered in the United Kingdom’s Fraud Act of 2006. Continue reading

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The Shifting Sands of a Shaky Foundation!

In defending the Book of Mormon against the ravages of truth and science the Mormon Church has just shot itself in both feet and actually damaged any claim to rationality it tried to salvage from the wreckage of its frankly sick and failing 19th century fraudulent beginnings. Continue reading

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Towards a More Fully Representative History of the British Mormon Experience

With the upcoming Mormon Pageant in Preston, England, it’s a wonderful opportunity to consider a more complete account of the lives of those first British Latter-Day Saint converts. I believe that the more information one has about an event or … Continue reading

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A second Open Letter to the Europe Area Presidency

My dear friend Chris Ralph is determined to open a dialogue on our behalf with the European Area Leadership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His first Open Letter to The Europe Area Presidency received an estimated … Continue reading

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