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Former Mormon Bishop of Helston may have been secretly excommunicated for speaking publicly about issues in the Church

I’m in shock at discovering that I’ve either been secretly excommunicated in my absence, or my name has been removed from Church records without my approval in an effort to extinguish my cultural identity because they consider me an apostate. Continue reading

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Difficulties In Leaving The Mormon Church

Text of talk given to Cornwall Humanist Society on 21st January 2014 at Truro, Cornwall, England. (Video link at bottom of page) Plato’s Allegory of The Cave Imagine some people that have lived in a cave their whole lives, chained … Continue reading

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Leaving The Mormon Bubble – The Anguish Of Transition

Living outside of the Mormon Bubble, or Cave, is worth the effort, frustration and pain of making the transition. And just like in childbirth the initial pain experienced by everyone involved is soon replaced with overwhelming joy. Continue reading

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