Truth Or Tribalism? Reasons For A Global Initiative For Truth

My good friend and fellow director of ‘Truth Will Prevail’ Chris Ralph wrote this excellent essay eloquently explaining the challenge Mormons have when faced with deciding between either being loyal to the truth, or continuing to be loyal to the Church which lied to them.

He lays out clearly the stark, and often frightening, reality that thousands of Mormons are currently facing as they discover that their testimonies were not based on solid reliable facts, but on a mere mirage.

truth will prevail


On this day, 19th July, in 1837, Heber Chase Kimball and six other Latter-day Saint elders disembarked at Liverpool, being the first Mormon missionaries to be sent anywhere outside of North America. When they reached Preston three days later, the town was in the midst of a General Election campaign following the recent accession of the 18 year old Queen Victoria, and they saw a political banner proclaiming ‘Truth Will Prevail’. They promptly adopted this motto, feeling it to be an excellent omen.

The message Kimball’s team sought to establish might not sound particularly familiar to a 21st Century Latter-day Saint. Preaching in Vauxhall chapel on 23rd July, he made no mention of Joseph Smith’s 1820 first vision, (for that version of the genesis of Mormonism had yet to be penned), but instead announced to an excited gathering that an angel had visited the lower regions and…

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  1. Look forward to reading this.

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