Limiting Belief

Reasonable Atheist


Do beliefs require higher order aims?

Since very young children make judgements about their environment, do they have higher order aims to acquire the truth about that judgment? They lack the capacity to understand those higher aims, so when a child has a perceptual experience that experience may transition into a belief without ever making a case as to whether it be true.

Since the brain assimilates happiness, it doesn’t care if the environmental influence is true or bogus. 

People like being institutionalised within in a group that believes in the same ideological (IMO) nonsense. Whenever a person describes such nonsense in great detail, they immediately suffer a loss. But such nonsense is harmless unless it is propagated through some kind of powerful, suggestive conversion program.

We all hold beliefs about the world. Many of our ‘feel-good’ beliefs are in fact, nonsense. We hold them because of how it makes…

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