Illusion of contra-causal free will

My brother David’s post on free will and the causes of our thoughts is very relevant to my recent post on the Church using undue influence or coercion to motivate us to pay tithing.

Reasonable Atheist

Most of us have the freedom or liberty to choose our beliefs in this life. However, what do our choices get determined by? Is it possible that our choices are made free from any primary stressor or cause?
Here are three types of movers of our actions and desires.

1. Un-moved mover of our actions

2. Mover caused by prior causes

3. Mover caused by something which had no prior cause (A product of chance).

I will use a simple mind experiment to explain the process: If I decide to pick up a red pen instead of a green pen, I am free to change my mind as many times as I wish. But at the moment of choice, I am determined, either by a prior cause or by chance, or by a separate part of the self which is not moved by a primary cause or stressor. All were…

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