Imprisoned By Our Beliefs

(photo courtesy of my friend Jean Bodie)

Imprisoned by our beliefs!?

Or, “Before someone can be liberated they need to know, & accept, they are imprisoned!”

Our own beliefs & superstitions can limit our personal growth & development.

Self-limiting beliefs can affect all areas of our life. From the physical through to the social/emotional, & spiritual.

It’s exciting & sometimes frightening to face these irrational,  self-limiting beliefs & conquer them.

The problem is that we often cannot see the beliefs which limit us because our brains purpose is to promote happiness & a feeling of security. It sometimes does this at the expense of hiding the truth from our conscious awareness.

Our subconscious minds can tell us the ‘Vital Lie’ in order to protect us from painful truths. There is a principle well understood in psychology called ‘self-deception’. It’s a process which are subconscious minds use to protect us from potentially painful knowledge or information. A form of confirmational bias.

Because our brain’s objective is to maintain a feeling of happiness & security, our subconscious minds filter information which could threaten our sense of reality, mounting a defence by creating the ‘Vital Lie’.

The more painful it would be to admit the truth, the more likely it is our subconscious minds are rationalising and lying to us. An extreme example of this is what happened in Nazi Germany when previously good living, moral people committed heinous acts of depravity and in some cases genocide because they believed it was for the greater good.

This happens all the time in situations where it’s just too painful to accept the truth. Where neutral third parties are able to clearly see the objective reality, we are blind to the truth because our emotions drive our thinking.

It’s not about whether it “feels good!” Truth is never about how it feels! Truth stands independent & doesn’t care how it makes us feel. Truth is the same yesterday, today & tomorrow.

If you want to leave Plato’s Cave & really experience reality then you need to have the courage to face your ‘Vital Lie’ & honestly seek the truth.

Most will prefer their perception of reality & sense of security.

Information is the key to unlocking our awareness of truth & to free us up so we can truly make informed decisions.

Sometimes, in order for us to become free we need to take the ‘bitter pill’ of truth & use faith to overcome the natural fear of the unknown.

Then, rather like a birthing process, though initially painful, we gain greater insight & strength to grow, & achieve our natural human potentials, so that looking back we can see how much we have grown since being freed by acceptance of the truth.

We should challenge & question everything. All our guilt, shame, fears, biases & prejudices.

Whatever limits our potentials is often at the other side of Fear!

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5 Responses to Imprisoned By Our Beliefs

  1. carolyn budai says:

    Hi there, sorry that this is unrelated to your post! I am trying to find the origin of the photo posted above, with the “everything you seek is on the other side of fear” – as I would love to use the image but don’t want to step on toes! I see you have credited a friend, is it possible to obtain contact details?

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