Question Everything!


My new moto in life is “Question Everything!”

I am no longer content to accept what I’m taught by others without questioning its veracity & credibility.

All human beings are gullible & we can be influenced easily by others under certain circumstances.

“The whole fabric of Religion is based on hearsay, unless of course one has a direct communication with God. In which case they would be a Prophet, Seer and Revelator. The invisible and non-existent seem very much alike, to those who believe, yet claim to know.” ~ (David Bloor)

I believe it is our duty to question & investigate things till we are as sure as we can be of the truth. In doing this we should realise that everything we think we know is really just our assessment of the degree of probability, with ‘Truth’ being that which is the most probable.

Of course, certain truth claims are open to independent testing & scrutiny by many people & as such we can assess the likelihood of something being true by considering how many times it is considered credible.

Being open-minded, yet skeptical is the best balance for learning new truths.

It takes a lot of courage sometimes to allow ourselves, or others, the freedom to consider in our minds an opposing view of the reality of a situation and open ourselves up to either being proved wrong or correct in our initial assessment. This however, is the only way forward if we, and the rest of humanity are ever going to progress & gain knowledge.

Certain things in life are testable to a very high degree of certainty.

This is how science works, by testing hypotheses & scrutinising uncertain theories till they become knowledge.

This is how humanity has managed to land the Mars rover Curiosity on another world, & is currently exploring that planet. This type of scientific knowledge is incredibly reliable.


On the other hand, most religious faiths & belief systems rely on untestable ideas & beliefs. Beliefs which have no other basis for certainty than feelings generated by one’s mind.

There are billions of people in the World who strongly believe in their own religion & God. In some cases thinking their belief is in fact ‘knowledge’.

I believe this concept of ‘knowledge’ is faulty.

They can’t all be right!!!

Yet they are certain they are.

But with no empirical evidence, merely a feeling! A feeling of inner peace & contentment. A ‘burning in the bosom!’
I’ve felt it myself with great intensity!

Such that I didn’t think I could deny it!

Yet I could not continue to believe that the ‘burning in my bosom’ was a proof of truth when the compelling evidence was strongly indicating the opposite.

When faith becomes denial, it is a damnable false hope!

Believing & Living in a fantasy disconnects us from reality!

I would rather be hit with the truth, than kissed with a lie!


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2 Responses to Question Everything!

  1. Morgana says:

    I had this very discussion with my Mormon boss not too long ago. He is certain he has “knowledge.” Yet if that knowledge is obtained by such unreliable means, then what good is it? I would say, not very.

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