I am the God of my Personal Blog

Cognitive Dissonance is not an evil spirit making you feel bad.

It’s a normal human emotion.

Realising this has helped me to think more rationally & helped me to control the way I react when confronted with ideas which are contrary to my own existing beliefs.


Before anyone feels inclined to comment, please consider my rules for posting on my Personal Blog.

I do not intend to Mormon Bash. I love Mormons.

The majority of my extended family are all active True Believing Mormons. My Mormon family & friends are some of the nicest, kindest, most compassionate & generous people you could meet.

My intent in writing my thoughts down is initially to gain personal insight into my own neurology in the context of previous Mormon thinking and my evolving belief system.

I post some of those personal analyses and introspections on my Personal Blog in an effort to reach out to others who are going through a similar transition, to offer hope and inspire courage to other disaffected & questioning Mormons.

I emphasise strongly that I do not wish to deconvert anyone. I cannot do it.

My intended audience does not include those members of the Church who are absolutely sure of their testimonies & committed to unquestioning adherence to their belief system.

Please feel reassured, I cannot force anyone out of the Church, and I do not intend to.

So please, if you feel inclined to comment in an emotionally defensive & argumentative tone I will not argue with you!

I moderate all the comments & only approve those comments which I deem to be respectful.

I am happy to post comments which are contrary to mine, as long they do not attack me personally, or any other person commenting.

I will not tolerate attempts at character assassination.

Those comments will remain unapproved.

I will instead wish you well in your journey & bid you farewell.

Instead of emotion driven thinking & comments, I value rational thought & well-considered argument. 

Please feel free to join a philosophical debate.


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2 Responses to I am the God of my Personal Blog

  1. jewelfox says:

    Emotions are not antithetical to rationality, and it is irrational to act as though they were, or to choose to be oblivious to the ways in which they drive your beliefs and actions.

  2. I remember the cognitive dissonance very well. I gather you’ve been getting some harsh comments; it can be rough to deal with. My personal policy is to only moderate once comments start crossing the line into personal attacks. Although sometimes it is tough to determine when that line is being crossed.

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