Moral Humanistic Values vs Christlike Attributes?

I know the Mormon Church teaches Christlike attributes, but are they really just teaching humanistic attributes?

As an observation, I’ve found that other religions & athiests have these attributes too.

In fact, I’ve found that other people outside of Mormonism often practice humanistic attributes without the cultic overlay.

I spent 7 years as bishop promoting Christlike attributes nearly every week, but I feel more ‘Christlike’ since giving up religion.

In a completely unexpected way I discovered I could be more ‘Christlike’ without the irrational beliefs than when I was TBM. 

I’m getting the feeling religion has hijacked natural humanistic tendencies & repackaged them with strings attached.

Any religion that imposes penalties & rewards for moral behaviour has lost the moral highground in my opinion.

Some may say, “If all you’ve got is a hammer, the whole world is a nail!”

I like the hammer/nail analogy.

I use it when lecturing to podiatrists & physiotherapists to highlight the biased view of medicine we all have as separate professions.

My wording is slightly different, but the message is the same.

“If all you’ve got is a spanner, the whole world is a nut!”

Orthopaedic surgeons tend to see every patient as a surgical candidate, whereas podiatrists tend to try and fit everyone with foot orthotics.

Thinking our particular biased view of the world will fit everyone’s needs!

Is this why the Mormon Church belief system doesn’t work for many people? I know lots of wonderful people who leave, & some are damaged, by the belief system. Most people who leave don’t leave for doctrinal reasons, they leave because the system just doesn’t work for them.

Is it a case of the spanner not working?

Or, as I believe, no-one really needs the spanner in the first place, because the Mormon belief system is a false paradigm.

Human wellbeing may best be served, & human potential may be promoted more, by scientific naturalism & secular Humanism??

As we develop more as a species we may no longer rely on supernatural answers to our questions, but instead flourish in a sea of knowledge.

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