“The Crisis of Religion” by Adebowale Ojowuro

The Crisis of Religion ~ Adebowale Ojowuro


Excerpts from:
“Religion is primarily a search for security and not a search for truth. Religion is what we so often use to bank the fires of our anxiety. That is why religion tends towards becoming excessive, neurotic, controlling, and even evil. That is why a religious government is always a cruel government. People need to understand that questioning and doubting are healthy, human activities to be encouraged not feared. Certainty is a vice not a virtue. Insecurity is something to be grasped and treasured. A true and healthy religious system will encourage each of these activities. A sick and fearful religious system will seek to remove them.” – Bishop ]ohn Shelby Spong, Retired Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Newark, USA.

“Ignorance is preferable to error, and he is less remote from the truth who believes nothing than he who believes what is wrong.” . Thomas Jefferson, America’s 3rd President.

“Unto this day, what I empirically discovered is man’s inordinate search for security and not a fragment of his search for gospel truth and faithful worship.”
“Furthermore, my findings evidently revealed the deceptive imposition of man’s word upon the entire life of humankind as the word of God, which has grossly transformed into booming organized trades for the trickery of overwhelming multitudes of gullible devotees.” ~ Adebowale Ojowuro

No enquiries into the root of religions have truly established the fact that divine revelation really existed in their formations. Instead, the beliefs & traditions of man, & his pretended uprightness with God are what religionists have imposed upon the gullible minds of their followers as the word of God.

Anthony Campbell, “One reason why religions have such a strong hold on human societies is that they are based not primarily on intellectual beliefs but on narratives.” “Story-telling accesses the human psyche not at the intellectual but at the emotional level where it is more powerful.”

The Most Powerful!

These fictionalised theologies of organized religions are irrational beyond absurd. The only reason why it is possible for theologians to have bonded humankind perpetually to its adherent, even when there subsists no premise at all for supposing it to be true, is because they are based not primarily on intellectual beliefs, but outside the realm of value judgements.

Anthony Campbell & Lewis Wolpert, “Man has evolved to become “belief engines”.

1. The narrative process
2. The gullibility of man :-

are the principle ingredients that have chiefly attached the human conscience to religion.

Gerry Spence said in his book, “I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief.” But sadly this is not the case for most people.

The tradition of man has developed a habit of accepting every piece of fictional claim that comes his way exactly like the robotic belief machine that his religion has programmed and finely tuned him to become. Without any recourse to reason, logic, and scepticism to analyze whatever claim, the gullible man would credulously subscribe to whatever scheme, plot, or swindle that any con artist might entrap on his path. Be it the plot of commercial evangelism, legal or illegal trades, or that of advance fee fraud, or the imposition of false prophecy upon his head; whatever dubious schemes that any impostor might introduce to the society of gullible majority would generally thrive into overwhehning booms like wildfire in the veldt.

From the Dark Age unto this day, these factors are pragmatically the two fundamental vehicles that have predominantly driven the development of false and irrational religious beliefs on the surface of our planet earth. From time immemorial, man has absolutely been gullible. He is emblematically inclined to believe whatever story, hook, line, and sinker without any recourse to reason. The human race has truly evolved as acute belief engines. The robotic belief machines of all times and ages; deficient in every facet of logic and scepticism where religion and faith is concerned.

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2 Responses to “The Crisis of Religion” by Adebowale Ojowuro

  1. shan says:

    This is why religion is not what Jesus believed in. Christ came for the sake of His Church, in other words, His people. He loves us all. He doesn’t force Himself on us. People do that. Even though he loves us all, those who reject Him he cannot live within. I don’t know much. I just know the difference between living in the light, which comes from Christ whether we acknowledge it or not, and mucking through the darkness. Oh yes, we will all experience some of both. We decide/learn what we want, and choose accordingly.

  2. Sharlee says:

    Shan, I must point out that your comments are conflicting. You say that Christ does not force himself on people, yet cannot abide with those that reject him. One can only live in the light if they abide in Christ and yet many many people abide in light and do not have Christ. This is the crisis of religion. People are sick of being told that if they don’t believe in Christ, it doesn’t matter how much they live in light and do good and contribute to the healing of the world, none of it matters a nit, because they reject Christ. Who wants to follow a god like that? One that says, “You have free will, but oh, if you don’t choose me, well, you’re screwed.” If that isn’t forcing oneself on someone, I don’t know what is. It is outright coercion and duress. The crisis of religion is that people do not think. They say things like, “Christ doesn’t force himself on anyone.” in one breath and in then the other they say, “But if you don’t live in Christ, you live in darkness.” That is ridiculous. If someone from say, the new ugga booga religion said that, you would think he was crazy. Yet Christian spread that same insanity like it is so understandable and makes complete sense! Take Bill Gates, for instance. He is a man that just recently retired and now lives his life traveling around the world and just making it a better place. He is not a Christian, nor does he abide in Christ, but he sure as hell spreads a lot more light than most, literally 99%, of the Christians I know. THAT is why there is a crisis in religion. Because Christians, excuse my language, sound like idiots unfortunately. You don’t get to say that one principle works for one religion, but not another just because it is a different religion. That is just a, “My God is bigger than your god.” pissing contest. Christianity doesn’t get to just negate common sense because it’s special. Indeed, it holds an even higher responsibility to make sense.

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