My thoughts as an agnostic athiest juxtaposed against my previous Mormon beliefs


As a recently resigned Mormon Bishop (for doctrinal reasons) I now look back to see all the mind-control & cultish behaviour.

Before I left it was impossible to see it.

As I discovered the lies & deception my heart broke!

It was the most emotionally traumatic experience of my life.

I would hate for anybody to go through what I went through as I went through a grieving process.

But now I’m so glad I swallowed the bitter pill, for the world is a much brighter, more wonderful place outside the Church.

After realising my testimony of the Church, & indeed God himself, was based purely on feelings, & realising emotional feelings can be misplaced, I can no longer trust my feelings to be a reliable method for determining truth.

For this reason I am currently an agnostic athiest, scientific naturalist & secular humanist.

I therefore do not reference a concept of God in my paradigm for life & the universe.

That doesn’t mean I’m sure there is no God. Just don’t see any need for one right now & the evidence for a God isn’t compelling.

I do however see plenty of evidence for people who believe in a God doing things which I find morally reprehensible. Each person following the God in their own heads which contradicts everyone else’s Gods in their heads.

It’s much less confusing if we leave God out of the equation & just love each other as human beings.

I personally think that if there is a God he is more interested in us being compassionate & living good lives, than on whether we believe in him.

If there is a God, & he’s a good God, I think he would want that.

If he is more concerned about us worshipping him then he’s not my sort of God.

Since giving up a concept of God, my sense of compassion has increased.

I do not need a proxy saviour!

My sins are so insignificant that I am willing to pay the price in full for them, & don’t believe any God worth being called a God would deem them serious enough to condemn me for them.

If he does, I do NOT want to know him!

I find it offensive that anyone should condemn me to hell for believing otherwise.

Death doesn’t frighten me.

I know what it’s like to be dead!

We all do.

Every night we all experience periods of unconsciousness where we are not aware of anything.

If we never wake up, we’d not Know it!

It’s quite reassuring really.

There will be No awareness, so no worries or concerns about what’s coming after death, because I’ve already experienced it!

I no longer worship DEATH, as I did when a believer in Mormonism!

It seems, with hindsight that almost everything we did in the Church, including most of the superstitious rituals in the Temple, was all about preparing for death, or the afterlife.

“Enduring to the end” in preparation for our death meant I put up with a heck of a lot of rubbish (crap for Americans).

When actually, in preparing for the next life I was missing out on this life.

I believe in LIFE, not death.

In really, truly LIVING!

Giving of my best through loving my family, friends & the whole world, without the fear, guilt & shame which were inculcated into my psyche by the Church. Without the biases & prejudices which warped my thinking.

Just free to love & learn. To live & leave a legacy worthy of a human being who isn’t held back by irrational superstitious belief systems, but who can reach his optimum human potential as a creature of this planet, basing his life on objective reality & authenticity.

No-one holds me to ransom!

No Church or superstitious belief system cripples my powers of critical reasoning. I am free!

Free to BE!

Free to LIVE life!

The ONE life I know I have!

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One Response to My thoughts as an agnostic athiest juxtaposed against my previous Mormon beliefs

  1. Marc says:

    This is where I am Steve. But I now believe that this planet is my Savior – nature itself! It feeds me, gives me air to brethe, shows me breathtaking scenery and sustains my life. Mother Earth deserves to be nourished and kept as clean and pure as us humans can keep it, we are part of an infinite universe.

    Is there a God? – I don’t think so. I’m not 100% sure, but like you, it’s not vitally important to me anymore at this time in my life. I’m living my life as best as I know how, ironically keeping most of the standards of the church.

    Your thoughts about death are spot on – we have nothing to fear, we die every night when we go to sleep! If we never wake up, we won’t know anyway – if we do wake in another place, fine.

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