Letter to family member who accused me of attacking their beliefs when I’m just asking questions to raise awareness.

No family members have asked for information, or been concerned enough to want to know WHY we have left the Church.

I admit to posting questions & articles on Facebook in an attempt to raise awareness of the issues facing the truth claims of the Church.

This is my letter to plead for empathy & compassion.

Dear ******,

It’s difficult not to judge us for being the offenders.

But unless you are prepared to listen or read what we have read you will never know what it feels like to discover that what I loved all my life isn’t what I thought it was.

I don’t blame you for thinking David & I are ‘bitter apostates who are just attacking the Church’.

That is exactly what I thought of David & Louise!

Till I unexpectedly discovered things myself.

I am in touch with some leaders of the Church in other countries who understand the situation, but who are likewise feeling traumatised with family relationships being sabotaged.

Please don’t judge us! You should know me as a dedicated, humble follower of truth.

Since when have I ever been a rebel?

I’m a caring, compassionate man who is willing to sacrifice himself in the service of others.

I’ve always put others first.

As a Bishop my whole focus was Christlike compassionate service!

I never wanted to leave the Church that I loved with all my heart, might, mind & strength.

The Church was my life.

I gave the majority of my spare time to it. I dedicated my life to God’s service through it.

I loved the Church more than life itself! The Church was the way to gain Eternal life & happiness.

Have you ever considered what it feels like to have all that ripped away?

It feels like your heart is being ripped out & you’re dying on the inside.

It feels like a living nightmare. On a daily basis it’s a struggle to just get up & do a normal day’s work, because you don’t feel alive anymore.

You feel like you don’t know who or what you are!

The people who you care about the most in life, cannot help because they feel offended by your changing beliefs.

What hurts the most in one’s relationships with family and friends is that they won’t or can’t listen.

We don’t want to hurt others, just get understanding.


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One Response to Letter to family member who accused me of attacking their beliefs when I’m just asking questions to raise awareness.

  1. C says:

    I may have to use some ideas from your letter to pass along to my own friends/family.

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