Truth vs Illusion of Truth


It may be my scientific/medical background, but though I like a good story as much as anyone, I need the stories to be true if I’m going to base my life’s mission on them.

Heck, I love The Lord of The Rings, but though there are some inspiring stories, I wouldn’t want to sacrifice my time, talents, money, & indeed, my rational mind over it.

As several Prophets including Gordon B Hinckley have said, “It’s either all true, or it’s a fraud.”

As I need to consider ‘evidence based research’ in my medical practice, so I expect a similar standard, if not higher, as the basis for my life.

Rather than a feel good story, I’ll go with the truth, even if it hurts.

Just like in medicine, sometimes the treatment hurts, but it does us good.

So in the long run we can enjoy greater freedom & happiness.

I believe in the long-run Truth Matters to human development as a species. Stories have played their part, but science has changed more lives in greater ways in the last two centuries than stories alone would have.

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One Response to Truth vs Illusion of Truth

  1. Brian says:

    Here here…once i admitted to myself that i couldnt believe the lie anymore it still hurt like hell. 44 yrs of indoctrination, inculcation, guilt , fear and ultimately self deception took some time to process. Now that i have life is more joyful and pleasing than it ever was as a mormon.

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