Letter to a concerned, but forceful member who accused me of being deluded.

Thank you for your concern, I am flattered you have taken the time to compose your comments.

I hope I can reciprocate. I am concerned for you. That you have been unable to recognise the delusional effects of the Mormon belief system.

There is a principle well understood in psychology called self-deception. It’s a process which our subconscious minds use to protect us from potentially painful knowledge or information. A form of confirmational bias.

The brain’s objective is to maintain a feeling of happiness & security. Our subconscious minds filter information which could threaten our sense of reality, mounting a defence by creating the ‘Vital Lie’.

This happens all the time in situations where it’s just too painful to accept the truth. Where neutral parties are able to clearly see the objective reality, we are blind to the truth because our emotions drive our thinking.

The uncomfortable truths I discovered in my initial foray into Church history were just the tip of a very big iceberg of lies & deceipt which continues upto this day.

‘Lying for the Lord’ is an established principle in Church leadership.

One I abhor with a passion.

For me, I loved the Church because I believed it epitomised truth.

I loved the church because I believed it was True! Not just because there was a lot of good in it. The truth was something I felt I possessed and truthfulness was, & increasingly is, something I feel is worth standing up for &, if necessary, sacrificing for!

It’s not about whether it “feels good!” Truth is never about how it feels! Truth stands independent & doesn’t care how it makes us feel. Truth is the same yesterday, today & tomorrow. The Church can, & has changed, but truth stands firm & immovable.

When you consider why we believe in the Church, & the gospel it teaches, really consider, honestly. It’s all about ‘feelings’!

If ‘feelings’ indicated truth, then all religions would be true, & every quack with a delusion would be a prophet.

If you want to leave Plato’s Cave & really experience reality then you need to have the courage to face your ‘Vital Lie’ & honestly seek the truth.

Most will prefer their perception of reality & sense of security.

I never desired, nor ever imagined that truth existed outside of the Mormon Bubble to the extent I have discovered it.

It has been a wonderful & exciting surprise, which grows ever more beautiful & is far better than it ever was inside the mind-control cult of The Church.

If you are open to truth check out:

Best regards,

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One Response to Letter to a concerned, but forceful member who accused me of being deluded.

  1. Marcello Jun says:

    Steve, I agree with him. You are deluded.

    …if you think that appealing to reasoned arguments will have any sway in him.

    Frustrating as it may sound to us, this kind of brainwashing can only be overcome by a prolonged period of time with continuous exposition to cognitive dissonance. The way I found (personally, and YMMV) was to empathize long enough to be able to recognize where those stress points are, and build on them. It is a lot of hard work, and it takes a very long time.

    Even if it doesn’t work in the end, if they come out of it more compassionate, more tolerant, and more open-minded TBMs, then I’m already happy.

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