Do LDS family & friends have informed choice? Should we do anything to help?

It’s tough isn’t it. Because we care we want the best for our family.

I know we all want the best for our TBM families & friends. And I think there is probably no definitive answer which applies in everyone’s personal situations.

I don’t judge anyone for their particular view on this, because I personally don’t know the answer.

My dilemma is knowing what & how much information to offer to my TBM friends.

I know that their perspective on reality is harming their family relationships & powers of rational thought etc. But what should I say to help them to realise this?

I think the situation is similar to knowing a person is drinking from a poisoned well & they are unaware.

In psychological terms is it better to allow them to continue drinking the poisoned water or should I tell them it’s tainted & let them make their own minds up about it?

I believe information is the basis for decision making. The more accurate, truthful or factual the information, then the better able we are to make good decisions.

We talk about allowing or giving people the right to informed choice.

Does this apply to religion, particularly a harmful, mind-control cult like Mormonism?

Is it right & proper for me to assume to predict how someone else will react to information which could potentially help that person make better informed choices?

No-one, especially not even myself, was aware when or whether my cognitive dissonance would make me “look behind the proverbial curtain!”

If it wasn’t for my brother asking me questions which got me thinking I would never have looked outside the Church curriculum for information.

The last thing he did, which was the turning point for me, was to publicly protest on the internet about the Mormon Church’s bigoted attitude towards LGBT members.

I politely asked him, as his brother & Bishop, “Why be so public about your criticism of the Church Dave?” In my mind I was wondering if he was heading towards disciplinary council for ‘Apostacy’!

His compassionate, kind, but firm response that someone needed to speak up about it because hundreds of LGBT members were suffering, some to the point of suicide, really touched my heart & led to my religious epiphany.

He was most shocked when I told him of my discovery of the Church lies & deceipt. It really blew him away.

As he told me afterwards he never thought I would ever leave the Church.

Could it be the case that our relatives are in a similar position that I was?

What neuro-science is discovering is that most of our brains’ functioning is occurring in our subconscious minds. This by definition means we are not aware of it. It has been shown that our subconscious minds can be analysing & processing information, even making decisions without our conscious knowledge. Only later does the subconscious mind inform our conscious mind what it’s decided, after its done its decision making. Meaning our brains are processing information without our conscious awareness.

Our brains main objective is to maintain happiness. It will do it at almost any cost. Even if the outcome is not in our own or others’ best welfare. Consider an alcoholic. They think they are happy when drunk, but no-one would say it’s good for their wellbeing.

I believe the Mormon belief system is like an addictive drug which incapacitates the victims minds so they can no longer reason rationally with regards to the religion & feel very strongly it is making them happy, but it is not good for their wellbeing.

Another way of putting it is the brain is basically a meat computer. It needs data, or information, to process. Just like some computer programmes can hack into the normal computer processes for their own purposes & in the process incapacitate the computer, eg a computer virus. I think that the Mormon belief system incapacitates the human brain. And in this regard in acting like a computer virus.

As our brains need information to process, if all it gets is Church information it will never realise it has been hacked.

Using the same analogy, if we can input a piece of software into the brain, information which causes a new way of thinking, cognitive dissonance may occur and eventually that information may lead to a realisation that the person has been duped.

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