The Psychology of Self-deception

It’s very illuminating discovering how people think & the mechanisms of the brain.

This book is very interesting:

Daniel Goleman’s book “Vital Lies, Simple Truths. The Psychology of Self-deception.”

Understanding how we think helps us understand how easily it is for people to be conned in fraudulent business schemes, or become embroiled in cultish religious groups.
It helps to explain why as members of the Mormon Church we are blind to the mind control which keeps us bound to a false religion.

“Self-deception is, by its very nature, the most elusive of mental facts. We do not see what it is that we do not see!

“Self-deception operates both at the level of the individual mind, & in the collective awareness of the group. To belong to a group of any sort, the tacit price of membership is to agree not to notice one’s own feelings of uneasiness & misgiving, & certainly not to question anything that challenges the group’s way of doing things. The price for the group in this arrangement is that dissent, even healthy dissent, is stifled!

“In order to break through the cocoons of silence that keep vital truths from the collective awareness you need courage. It is the courage to seek the truth & to speak it that can save us from the narcotic of self-deception.

“It is a paradox of our time that those with power are too comfortable to notice the pain of those who suffer, & those who suffer have no power.

“To break out of this trap requires the courage to speak truth to power!”
~ Daniel Goleman

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2 Responses to The Psychology of Self-deception

  1. Travis says:

    I look forward to reading this book as well as the other one’s Goleman has authored. The human body is incredible. I appreciate your sharing of your journey and learning. It’s brief yet insightful. Thanks

    • stevebloor says:

      Thanks Travis,

      It’s been an interesting journey of discovery which I never wanted nor ever expected.

      But now it’s happened I’m very grateful.

      What’s ironic is I know much more about my former religion now than I ever did before as an ultra-committed TBM. And more importantly I know more about the why & how I believed it in the first place.

      There are so many members who have no concept of why they believe, nor do most people really think about the psychological mechanisms of belief in general.
      Wishing you all the best in your personal journey of discovery too.

      Best regards,

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