My feelings about ‘the purpose of life’ as an athiest.

Since realising there probably is no personal God I feel that my life actually has more intrinsic meaning.

I surprisingly feel more excitement for life. More awe & wonder at the beauty of the universe.

I feel more connected to my fellow human beings.

And I cherish this ‘one life’ that I know I have more than ever before.

The potential for each human life feels more special.

And my sense of compassion for all others has grown immeasurably.

I am truly shocked by these changes in feeling, but realise that some things which I had attributed to coming from God are actually intrinsic in my humanity & arise from my evolution.

I have always liked Stephen Covey’s moto of, “Live, Love, Learn & Leave a Legacy”, & it now seems more meaningful in my life than when I felt my ‘purpose of life’ was imposed on me by a Divine Creator.

This is an interesting article:

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