The Reason Rally (March 24th 2012)

We shall forge through our voices & the collective sound of our footfall an iconic event worthy of the history books.

Now there are those who do not want us to talk. Those who do not wish us to stand up & be counted. Those who want us to just “shut up”!

And I must say it’s a tragic damnation of mankind that even now, when man has walked on the moon, that you can still get killed on planet earth for renouncing an ancient religion.

For while the truncheon may have been used in lieu of words, words will always retain their power. Words offer the way to meaning, and to those who will listen, the enunciation of truth.

And the truth is, there is something very wrong with this country (USA). A country where you can be discriminated against, not for what you believe in, but for what you don’t!

Whilst conversely a religious belief can preclude your business from having to obey childcare laws.

Now, fairness, justice & freedom are more than words, they are perspectives of mankind and the measure of the virtue of a civilization.

Divorce yourself from superstition & religion. Break the shackles of pseudo-science, and for the benefit of the coming man embrace rationality.

– Thunderf00t from YouTube

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One Response to The Reason Rally (March 24th 2012)

  1. You embraced a religion whose ‘holy’ book has been totally disproved by modern archaeology, DNA, linguistics, anthropology and history and which ought logically to have no members.. You were fooled by a con man and his modern day accomplices. Like so many ex-Mormons, you are so distressed at your own folly that you reject religion totally but you should be very careful because their are many historical and scientific facts that actually support much of the Old Testament and, by extension, Christianity. You should read the early church fathers to confirm that members of the early church did not apostasize but faithfully taught what had been taught to them and that Church still exists.

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