Beliefs based on Damnable Lies

I’m not interested in arguing with a view to convert another person to my opinion.

I respect everyone’s right to believe.

I’m just posting my personal experience of deconversion from a superstitious belief system, which until recently I ‘knew’ to be true, till I realised I was mistaken.

I now realise true knowledge is not gained from ‘warm & peaceful feelings of the spirit’, as good as that feels!

Facts don’t care how we feel about them. Factual truth does not depend on our preferences.

It is entirely possible to believe in something with complete faith which is demonstrably untrue. In fact most Mormons believe other religious adherents to their particular faith systems are actually deceived by Satan.

This means that some people believe their own particular religion will save them, yet they are worshipping the wrong god!

Tragically their beliefs are in fact damnable false lies.

Children may completely & totally believe in the existence of Santa Clause, but their parents know it’s just a type of fun make believe. A fantasy adding magic & excitement to Christmas.

I am convinced I have personally believed several damnable false lies for my entire life!

Their are lots of examples, but I’ll highlight a couple below.

As an example I believed Joseph Smith was a prophet of God & was honest in his dealings. I believed Joseph Smith was an honourable man, even though he was a normal human being, and that he would never have been involved in illicit activities. I believed he was only married to one wife, Emma, during his mortal life, but had heard of other women married to him in Temple Sealings after he died.

To my horror after reading Chris Tolworthy’s site “The Church is True, The Church is Not True!” ~

There I discovered that Joseph Smith was polygamously married to at least 33 women. Eleven of whom were already married to other living men at the same time! And Joseph married several teenagers including a couple of 14 year old girls!

This sickened me to the core!

I later discovered Joseph had lied to his wife, the Church & the world at large through newspaper articles about these illegal relationships.

He said God had declared it was wrong. Yet at that time he was involved in several polygamous & polyandrous relationships.

Quoting from “brotherofelijah”:

“1. FACT: Joseph Smith married other men’s wives, 11 of them.
2. FACT: That practice is clearly a violation of D&C 132, which requires that a ‘plural wife’ belong to no one else. (women = possessions)
3. FACT: According to D&C 132 and more importantly, the Bible, marrying somebody who is already married to somebody else is adultery.
4. FACT: Consummating your relationship with somebody else’s wife is adultery.
5. FACT: D&C 132:61 clearly states the ONLY purpose of practicing plural marriage, to raise up a righteous generation, to multiply.
6. Since God didn’t restrict husbands from consummating their relationships with their plural wives, why would anybody assume otherwise?
7. Whether he had sex with them or not isn’t even the issue, he violated the “Law of the Priesthood” before he heard it straight from God, and after he heard it straight from God.
8. Fact. Then he lied about it & so did 3 so-called ‘Prophets’, after him.
9. The definition of a prophet is somebody who sees truth and speaks truth. If they lie, they’re false prophets.
10. Joseph Smith was a false prophet, as were all the prophet who have followed him, including Warren Jeff’s, who seems to have patterned his life after Joseph Smith’s sexual practices and now sits in Federal Prison because of it.”

At the time Joseph Smith was practising these illegal marriages he pretended to receive a revelation from God telling the Church that it was wrong to practice polygamy. In my view he did this in order to pretend it wasn’t happening and try to stop the speculation.
D&C 104:1: “Inasmuch as this church of Christ has been reproached with the crime of fornication, and polygamy: we declare that we believe, that one man should have one wife; and one woman, but one husband, except in the case of death, when either is at liberty to marry again.”

In other words he denied it by lying!

Currently the Church teaches that the Book of Mormon was translated by the power of God through the use of the Urim & Thummim. It depicts Joseph sitting at a table with the gold plates in front of him & separated from his scribe by a cloth or curtain. Yet every personal account of the translation process written by his wife & other scribes tell a different story with the gold plates not even visible in the room & Joseph sticking his head in a hat using the same peep stone used in criminal activities from his youth!

My testimony was not based on the facts, but a different version. A fictitious version of events.

These are two examples of believing something which I later discover was wrong.

The whole of the origins of Mormonism & the evidences for the Book of Mormon is replete with them. (see link at bottom of page for a thorough essay on this by Tyler Young)

My testimony, which I believed would enable me to gain exaltation one day if I was worthy, was based on stories which have been sanitised & twisted to be faith promoting propaganda.

One of the Church Apostles Elder Boyd K Packer has said Mormons should not value all truth, only that truth which is faith promoting!

Elder Boyd K Packer:
“Some things that are true are not very useful.”

Very useful for increasing the faith of the believers, but not very honest!

Therefore, my testimony was not exactly based on factual truth. I don’t believe a righteous, loving God would want his children to be saved by fictitious stories.

My God (when I believed) was totally & scrupulously honest. To a fault!

As I tried to be!

I believed in the concept of truth as taught in D&C 84:45, which says: “…whatsoever is truth is light…”

I believe in being totally honest with my fellow man. One could say I’m trying to be more honest than the Church which taught me to be honest. Which was quite a shock, when I realised.

Yet my interest now is in the whole concept of belief in general.

Why do people all around the world in different religions believe in fictitious stories?

All religions claim the truth. They all have adherents who are devout & genuinely sincere in their beliefs.

Why can Mormons think their version of religion is true & at the same time so do all the others. Some religious believers, like certain Muslims, have even more fervour than Mormons?

Can only Mormons think they have the “fulness of the Gospel”?

For more information read this very comprehensive essay on the issue of damnable false lies:
“Why I left the Mormon Church” by Tyler Young:

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6 Responses to Beliefs based on Damnable Lies

  1. Jeff says:

    I find it interesting that polygamy is still one of the largest causes of animosity to the Church. You’d think that the families and people in the Church would have come to the terms with the practice by now and acknowledged the issue.

    It should be clear why Joseph was instructed to hide the practice of polygamy. I have no doubt the entire church would have been massacred if the practice were openly acknowledged. The Lord sometimes requires us to meet His requirements without providing a complete disclosure to everyone around us.

    A situation like this is, of course, not new. There is scriptural precedent. Abraham told the Egyptians that his wife was his sister on the Lord’s command. This was necessary to preserve the lives of those involved. There are similar events recounted elsewhere. There are much more significant abrogations of general law hailed as righteousness, like Joshua’s conquest of the Middle East, Nephi’s beheading of Laban, Abraham’s potential sacrifice of Isaac, and so on. If these facts do not shock you, I don’t see why hiding plural marriage from an extremely hostile group of mobspeople is seen as scandolous instead of blatantly logical.

    Try to think through the implications of marrying teenagers before we get upset about it. Remember that this occurred not just in the early 1800s when medical technology was rudimentary, but also on the American frontier where even the resources that existed were sparse. Life expectancies were low compared to today’s standards and many people died in the 30s and 40s. If you wanted to have a prospect to watch your children grow and mature, there was almost no choice except to marry in the age range of 16-20. It’s worth noting that these are prime child-bearing years according to our biology (which the Lord made) and that this figure is in sync not only with contemporaneous society but also the majority of historical socieities.

    I admit that the 14-year-old Helen Marr Kimball, the youngest wife attributed to Joseph Smith (afaik), was a bit on the young side even by contemporary standards, but I don’t believe such marriages were unheard of and when you read into the details of the Kimball-Smith relationship you see that it was not a predatory situation. Joseph was married to Kimball at her fathers’ request and they always lived separately, as was the case with most of Joseph’s wives. We, of course, have no records about consummation but as a couple married by Priesthood authority any consummation would have been right and proper.

    A retroactive application of modern behaviorial or social norms is not a fair measuring stick for past generations. Besides the attendant arrogance, it doesn’t contemplate the circumstances and general conditions of individuals in that setting. “Joseph Smith married a fourteen-year-old” is an anti-Mormon favorite for the shock value, but it really doesn’t have much substance when you think about it.

    As far as anger about polygamy generally, that’s just something that members of the Church need to accept. Our doctrine is that plural marriage is the right way. While it is temporarily not allowed right now, one day that will change and men and women will be expected to enter that level of marriage. See D&C 132:3, which tells us “prepare thy heart to receive and obey the instructions which I am about to give unto you; for all those who have this law revealed unto them must obey the same.” This obligation to prepare our hearts and obey the principles of the law is still upon us, even if we can’t live the fullness of the law until circumstances are more favorable.

    If we believe Joseph Smith was a prophet, and we believe the Biblical prophets were prophets, and we believe the Book of Mormon prophets were prophets, why can’t we believe that plural marriage is an authorized and glorious practice? It pervades the Bible thoroughly. It is the norm throughout many religious traditions and cultures. The revelations that prophets receive in all scripture, as well as well-accepted accounts of revelations received by Joseph Smith, are more major and far-reaching in their implcations, and in some cases detail broader and more permanent behavior, than dictation regarding individual marriage conditions or arrangements. Why is there some exemption that a prophet can’t prophesy relative to either the practice or the specific implementation of marriage? As above, this exemption certainly does not apply to Biblical prophets. Most major characters recorded in the Old Testament have plural wives. Shall we be shocked to learn that too, and despise all Abrahamic religions? It is clear that plural wives is the standard the Lord has set. It should be logical that Joseph, the great prototypical leader for this dispensation, would engage in the practice.

    • stevebloor says:

      Sadly, rationalization & justification are no longer effective for me to keep my testimony.

      If Abraham existed, and I strongly doubt it, he failed the test of God when asked to murder his son.

      Any righteous priesthood holder should have questioned God’s request & strongly objected to being asked to break the commandment not to murder another person.

      I now feel sick at the thought I could ever have respected such a perverted weakling of a man who wouldn’t stand up for his beliefs & show his God he would keep the commandment to value life!

      But it’s just a story to impress the Jews!

  2. John says:

    Jeff: So why does the modern church almost completely hide and avoid the subject? Why did Joseph also lie and keep it from Emma? Is it okay for a person in his position with his power and influence to approach teenage girls for marriage and claim an angel was standing over him with a raised sword? Why did it directly oppose canonized scripture?

    Sure, if you already believe Joseph was a prophet and could do no wrong, you could attempt to rationalize yourself out of those questions. But if you look at it objectively, it casts a gigantic shadow of doubt on his character as well as his supposed calling as a prophet.

  3. Cindi says:

    The Lord did not make our biology. Evolution did that. Teens aged 16-18 often have high risk pregnancies because their bodies are incapable of both growing and producing a baby.

  4. Debrauk says:

    polygamy and polyandry i discovered was just the tip of the iceburg believe me

  5. @Jeff, if polygamy is merely suspended (which I agree is the only way to interpret Mormon ‘scripture’) then why doesn’t the LDS pursue the necessary legislative changes? There is little doubt that they would succeed. It’s because they crave mainstream acceptance and this is the one way to ensure that they never acquire it. PR first, scripture second, by a long way.
    (PS to Steve – the commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill’ came many centuries after the time of Abraham who had been prepared to kill his son because God asked, God responded by allowing His own son to be sacrificed – we have much to thank Abraham for)

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