Watch “Healing Through Barefoot Running” on YouTube

Michael Sandler is inspiring. He runs because he runs barefoot!

Many people who never thought they could run again are doing so by changing to barefoot running.

I’m one of them. With a permanent hip injury myself, every time I ran in shoes it hurt.

Now I can run, but only without shoes!

You never know if you could run too??

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3 Responses to Watch “Healing Through Barefoot Running” on YouTube

  1. Jessica says:

    I originally found your blog through your departure from the Mormonism. I myself, am also on my way out. After reading through your exit letter thread (and all the comments) I started looking through your overall blog and noticed the links to the barefoot stuff, which is wonderful by the way. I just wanted to throw it out there in case you haven’t come across it yet the idea of being grounded when you are barefoot. There is an amazing book called “Earthing” that is available through Amazon. Have you read it? My daughter became very very ill for many months and no one was able to figure out what was wrong with her. Lots of blood work and months of doctor visits later we finally found that she had an elevated ANA. We were sent to a local Children’s Hospital which was not able to figure out why her ANA was elevated as her symptoms pointed towards Lupus but she was missing some key factors to make that diagnosis. We were then being shuffled to various departments to figure out what was wrong with her. At this point she was no longer playing, had stopped eating, was in constant pain, etc. They wanted to put her on steroids and tube feed her. A friend pointed us to the Earthing book and after reading it we decided to give it a shot. I kid you not, within 24 hours of constant “grounding” she made a dramatic improvement with about 40-50% recovery. Within a week, full recovery. Our whole family now sleeps grounded every night. She has not had any return of the symptoms since we’ve started and it’s been almost a year now (in March it will be a full year). We have all noticed a lot of differences on it, all for the better. Not sure if you’ll be interested in checking it out or not but since it made such an amazing miraculous change in our life I always like to tell people that seem like they would be open to it. Anyway, thanks so much for sharing your blog. 🙂

    • stevebloor says:

      Hi Jessica, thank you for your kind comments.

      The transition out of Mormonism was initially traumatic, but eventually joyful & much fulfilling than I ever dreamed was possible.

      Thank you for your anecdotal, personal experience of earthing. It’s all very interesting isn’t it.

      I am tending towards thinking earthing has tremendous health benefits for many types of inflammatory diseases. Personally my asthma has gone since barefooting. I can’t explain it, but perhaps it’s the result of earthing or natural reflexology??

      I am keen to pursue my research into it myself. Though keeping an open yet skeptical mind.

      Loving your blog too.

      Wishing you a very Happy 2012!


  2. Jessica says:

    Thank you, the book does mention improvement with asthma. 🙂 Have fun.

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