Are Beliefs the same as Facts

The Church has a duty as ‘God’s kingdom’ on earth to be truthful & explain the facts regarding its divine origins clearly, thoroughly & unambiguously, which it cannot do, because the facts would speak for themselves.

In my opinion the Mormon Church & the gospel it preaches is a modern mythology & fantasy world which cannot stand on a foundation of facts, only of faith! Faith being evidence of things not seen!

Faith based, superstitious belief systems need continual reinforcement with rituals & testimony bearing etc.

The General Authorities are 100% correct when they say our testimonies are fragile! Of course they are, because there is no factual foundation, only a fictitious fantasy world, which though it may seem wonderful to those immersed & invested in it, is still a delusion!

The greater the potential loss, the greater the need for superstitious ritual. Hence twice daily personal prayers, prayers with our spouses, family prayers, scripture study, church service, testimony bearing, temple attendance, home & visiting teaching, family home evenings, prayers on food, prayers for safety in travelling, continuous prayer in the heart, weekly sacrament taking, frequent hymn singing about the beliefs, frequent leadership meetings & training, regular PPIs, frequent auxiliary training meetings, payment of tithes and offerings, twice yearly Stake Conferences, twice yearly General Conferences, monthly fasting, strict rules & commandments, heavy expectations for doing family history research, having a years home food storage,daily journal writing, expectation to send children to serve on missions, etc, etc.

The more sacrifice can be extracted from its adherents, the more heavily invested they become & the stronger their superstitious faith becomes.

It all makes complete sense that these belief reinforcement strategies are so important, when you recognize the belief system for what it is, irrational fear-based superstition!

In any science based profession there is no need to reinforce the belief system or superstition because it’s knowledge based.

Yes, updating knowledge with the latest evidence from scientific research is important, as is checking references, but I don’t know any scientist or medical professionals who have to reinforce their belief in their professional practice on a regular basis.

When you really have factual knowledge of something, you know. You don’t have to keep reminding yourself that you know. You don’t have to keep bearing your testimony to others in emotionally charged settings.

I just can’t imagine my podiatry colleagues standing up in a room testifying of the efficacy & truthfulness of the podiatric profession!

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One Response to Are Beliefs the same as Facts

  1. Pascale says:

    What you say makes ALOT of sense to me because when my son was abused in church and it was justified because the abuser was my mom despite her doing it in front of witnesses, I quit doing all of the expected things needing to take care of my son and I in order to try to heal and the more I took my distance the more I realized that God could never approve of such a church and I realized I could not believe anymore.

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