Stake President’s reaction to my religious epiphany

Many Church leaders are judgemental and think people who leave the Church only do so because of sin!

It’s a sickening & an appallingly judgemental attitude, but unfortunately it’s the normal response from Church leaders.

As bishops & Stake Presidents we are conditioned & trained to judge! That’s what we do! The ‘God in our heads’ always tells us what we need to know to judge the members!

We may be wrong, as I have since discovered, but at the time we ‘know’!

I was shocked by my Stake President’s attitude in my first interview after I sent him my resignation letter as bishop.

Much to my shock & deep disappointment, my ‘friend & mentor’, the Stake President, didn’t once try to change my mind! I expected my ‘true friend’ to desperately attempt to change my mind. To try every argument & persuasive technique to change my mind. To be so appalled at losing me from the kingdom, & be hurting inside at the potential loss of my soul that he would do anything to bring me back from the brink of eternal damnation!

He DID NOTHING to stop me!

However, he accused me of sinning!

He said there MUST be something amiss in my life! He KNEW there was!

He asked if I was studying the scriptures & praying. I answered I was studying more than ever before in my life! He said, “But you’ve got your priorities wrong! Instead of studying the stuff that’s destroying your faith you should have been focusing on your job & family & calling, you’ve been spending too much time on the wrong things!”

I’m afraid I got emotional at this point as I angrily replied, “What’s more important than discovering the truth about my potential eternal future? I need to know what’s TRUE!”

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5 Responses to Stake President’s reaction to my religious epiphany

  1. Sammy Blake says:

    The church just wants you to get in harness and keep your nose down serving it, raising your kids for it, keeping other people in line, and making money to give…to it. The church really needs to grow up.

  2. gloria says:


    You are not alone. Many of us have expierenced the same. The rumor around these parts as to “why” I left was that I was mentally ill……. many LDS simply can’t accept that many of us leave simply because Mormonism is a facade, a myth and that we choose to leave behind the lie. I am sorry you have expierenced a “fall out” with your ward and such. It is so very typical for those of us who leave. There is hope & healing “post Mormonism”.

    all the best,

  3. Allan says:

    Same thing happened to me. No one tried to convince me to come back. No one tried to provide counter-evidence. It was almost like, “Oh. You found out.” Ok. Please slink off quietly then and don’t tell anyone else then. I was amazed. It was like I was the only one who didn’t know. I actually had another active member of the ward take me to lunch and tell me he didn’t believe but just went along with it to keep the peace with his wife and because he thought it was a good way to live. Once they figured out why I was leaving they just left me alone once they realized I wouldn’t cause any problems for them.

  4. Jeff says:

    If you’re interested, I am willing to plead with you not to leave the Kingdom, etc., within bounds of reasonability.
    Just thought you’d like to know that it’s not only ex-Mormons that find this blog interesting. Your talk on compassion is pretty good, I think.

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