Initial Reactions & Comments of active members on hearing of my resignation as bishop.

What I find sad & funny at the same time is having people say to me, “I know, that you know the Church is true!”

The immediate reaction of my ward members was to believe & spread the message around ward that I had had a nervous breakdown! I don’t know how or who started it, but the Stake President came down to the ward a couple of weeks after I resigned and berated the ward members for not sustaining me! I was told he blamed the members for allowing me to become over-worked and stressed & they were to blame for me reacting like I did!

Now let me categorically state that though I was stressed it was only through the emotional trauma of discovering I had been deceived for 46 years of my life!

I did not have a nervous breakdown, & it wasn’t caused by the members not sustaining me!

What’s funny is that the rumour of my nervous breakdown started within the same day that my letter to the members about my resignation as bishop arrived on their doorsteps.

I attended Church the very next day to grieve with the members of my ward & to express my love & appreciation to them in person.

But the Area Presidency had decreed I should not be allowed into the chapel if I tried to attend!

But there I was! In the flesh, with … no hint of a nervous breakdown!

They had, apparently, been told to use their discretion about letting me in. So I was allowed in after having a very stern warning in my old bishops office by the ex-Stake President who had been assigned in place of the current Stake President, who was on work business elsewhere.

The ex-Stake President warned me not to talk to anyone & to leave before the end of the Sacrament meeting. I was also to be chaperoned by my 1st counsellor

Their plan failed when, as I was walking out of the Chapel, my 13 year old daughter, who had attended with me, told me that whilst I was being distracted in the bishops office the 1st counsellor on the Stake Presidency had announced to the ward my suspension as bishop without having told me it was going to happen!

I was LIVID!

So I went back into the chapel to be met by the ward members as they left the meeting!

I was able to fulfil my plan of expressing my love & appreciation to them.

Then one member actually slapped me in the face, twice! Saying,  “You silly, silly boy! You know it’s true!” Then shook me, as if to say, “Pull yourself together!”

I questioned the statement made by the ex-Stake President about not letting me enter the chapel by saying, “I have every right as a member of the public to enter a building for public worship.” The ex-Stake President (with no priesthood authority over me, he was then serving as Stake YSA couple, with his wife) replied aggressively that they had every right to ban anyone they liked from their buildings and how dare I question their authority to do so!

At this point in my ‘apostacy’ I had no respect for their, or his, authority whatsoever, so he no longer frightened me like he used to!

I said I had every right to meet my friends, my brothers & sisters, people I had known my whole life, to express my love & appreciation to them for the years of service together!

He got on his high horse, & whilst gesturing with his hands in an angry way by banging them together, he said, “This is not the time & place for you to do this, you WILL NOT use the Church as a platform for your own agenda!” He repeated himself twice, to add to the effect! 😉

“Now that you’ve left the Church you have no rights!” he said.

I said, “I’ve not left the Church I’ve just resigned as Bishop!”

He replied, “It amounts to the same thing, if you resign as bishop you cannot remain a member of the Church! You should know that Steve!”

Well, I suppose the Church could interpret my show of love & appreciation as threatening!

99% of the members wanted to express their appreciation & love for their bishop at this time of grief.

We were able to hug & console one another, which totally embarrassed the Stake Leadership at the time, but it was just a normal, human show of emotions.
But unfortunately normal human emotions were seen as threatening by the leadership at the time. Their reaction was fear!

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13 Responses to Initial Reactions & Comments of active members on hearing of my resignation as bishop.

  1. erin allen says:

    I Loved reading this. Thank you! My husband and I left nine years ago.The most difficult thing we have ever done. It was well worth it naturally. My sister’s bishop hung himself two days before his oldest son returned home from his mission. No note, and nobody knows why. I have my own ideas though. I am glad you didn’t have that nervous breakdown lol. Funny the things that are said to protect the still believing Mormons. Well Done friend!

  2. Paul Young says:

    Steve, I am absolutely shocked by the reaction of the authorities. Everything is designed to protect the corporation. However, you are much better off without the church. I can bear you my solemn testimony that I know without any doubt that the story of God is a myth, and that human beings evolved from the monkeys!

  3. Brad says:

    If the truth is on their side, why would you need to be censored and silenced so forcefully? What are they afraid of? It just doesn’t make sense.

  4. mia says:

    I am so sorry you were treated like that. I doesn’t surprise me though.
    You are obviously a threat to their little make believe kingdom.
    People can get pretty vicious when they lose control of someone like you.
    Husband and I resigned last month. We just couldn’t take the insanity another minute.
    We were tithe paying, temple attending TBM’s. We have been treated like convicts.
    Our family life has gotten so much better just in the short time we’ve been gone.

  5. Amber says:

    I’m so sad that this doesn’t surprise me. A year and a half ago it would have- but sadly now I know it’s pretty much ‘standard’ behavior (except the bishop part).

  6. nickleus says:

    when i left rumors started quickly too and not a single person in the ward tried to talk me back into the church. no visits, no calls, no emails, nothing. i was quite open about things i read and found out about the church, posting and writing things online. i wonder if members were too scared to talk to me, that they didnt want to be faced with information that contradicted what they had been taught. what did you do when you got slapped in the face? nobody around did anything?

  7. pauline mackie says:

    When I resigned the bishop stopped by that same afternoon,when he could see that I was adamant he just stood up and walked out,a few moments later his 1st counsellor phoned to ask for my TR,I said I had already destroyed it,which I had,only one person contacted me afterwards,I don’t know to this day what was said about me,I wish I had had the courage to speak to folk I had worked with and thought of as friends for 30+ years,just glad to be out and worship how and where I want too,so sad for those still there,but I believe we all have to find our own way out,as a TBM I know that I would never have listened to anyone,i studied my way out after an encounter with a young widow in teh Preston Temple,but thats another story,well done to Steve,I hope he is at peace with his decision.

  8. Alan says:

    One of only 2 possible emotions underlie every decisions a person makes in life. People are motivated only by fear and/or satisfaction. This bishop overcame his fear and arrived at satisfaction. The leaders who used this opportunity to berate the bishop and bemoan his decision are white with fear and unable to function normally as a result. More than anything else, church leaders are afraid of losing the tithing and commitment of the members. Those in authority are taught that when one of their underlings leaves the church, that they own a piece of the responsibility for that person’s lost soul. For every person leaving the church, especially leaving from a leadership position, there is a leader higher up the chain who believes their own salvation is threatened.

    It is scary to be a mormon leader if you actually believe your salvation hangs in the balance.

  9. Trevor says:

    All very interesting stuff, but the Book of Mormon is still true. It would appear to me that Brother Bloor did not have a testimony of this sacred book of scripture, regardless of having been a F/T missionary and a faithful servant of the Lord. The book of Mormon will not go away, I understand how it must be a pain in the side of so many of you. Have you actually read it, pondered and sincerely prayed about it?
    I have a testimony of the restored Gospel, not a tesitmony of Church History.

    • stevebloor says:

      Hi Trevor,

      Thanks for commenting.

      Our subconscious minds are so powerful & amazingly malleable that they can convince us of almost anything. Just ask a fundamentalist Muslim.

      I was a truly committed & 100% convinced faithful Mormon, with a testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon that I did not ever think would fail me. I believed I knew the Book of Mormon was true just as much as I knew I was alive.

      Yet, faced with real evidence, not just feelings, I had to painfully conclude I had been deluded. Just like millions of other wonderful people are in other faiths around the world.
      When my testimony melted away, it felt like my heart was being torn out of my body. I felt I was dying inside. That’s how much I knew it was true, till I discovered otherwise.

      Sometimes the truth hurts. I can empathise with the dilemma & pain of hundreds of thousands of members across the world for whom the Church is now becoming a fraud & tragically a fond memory.

      Our subconscious brains will deceive us by telling us the ‘Vital Lie’ in order protect our sense of reality, our security & our perception of happiness.

      It’s far easier & much less painful to believe that I never had a testimony than that the Book of Mormon is a fraud.

      I wish you well my friend, in your search for truth.

      Best regards,

  10. Trevor Hinkley says:

    Steve, the search for the truth is not a search anymore, The Gospel is true. I am somewhat surprised at your perceived ignorance in not knowing the things you pointed out in your resignation letter. Perhaps you were not so well read as me. However remember the anti lobby is a multi million £/$ industry, serving no useful purpose other than to line the pockets of the (secular), so called ‘Christians.’ You now list yourself as athiest I believe,
    What happened to your faith in Christ? Those charlatains have taken you hook line and sinker.
    The things you quote are familiar to me, I hear them from the likes of Richard Dawkins (author of the God delusion). My apostate son in law was his web master for a couple of years (this son in law of mine knowingly married & was sealed to my 18 year old daughter in the Newchapel temple, then 3 months later openly declared his disbelief and apostascised, and then over the following year tore away my daughters faith in Christ etc.). She is now athiest, trotting out all the usual glib we constantly hear. It mattereth not, as the truth will always come out eventually.
    I have heard of members leaving the church because of something that they have fallen hook line and sinker for, then when the opposite is discovered to be the case, they don’t return to the fold. Perhaps pride, who knows? After all they’d look rather dorkish/foolish to come back only to leave again with the next ‘issue’ they have coming up.
    Unless one has a real abiding faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the companionship of the Holy Ghost (of course he now no longer exists for you), and that deep inner knowledge & testimony, to put it bluntly one is easy pray to those who would want to destroy your faith.
    We know Lucifer will sift us as wheat. We have to hold fast to the iron rod.
    The apostacy was and is real.
    There is always another side to the things you read and I don’t have a testimony of Church history.
    The church enemies are influenced by £ & $ and that other being (who you no longer believe in either), they have a serious vested interest in what they do.
    Joseph was a great man, they have tried to destroy his character, as he knew they would.
    I suppose women probably felt better about being sealed to him than to their hubbys. Odd, Yes, understandable No, not to me, but then I am not them, but they certainly chose that.
    Have you researched the Neil Maxell Institute for religious scholarship web site, or others that give a fairer balanced view, correct misconceptions, errors and down right lies.
    The book of Mormon is no fraud though, I would encourage you to look into the North, Central and South American Indian legends of the ‘Prophet’ who anciently walked amongst them. Get a copy of “He Walked the Americas” published in 1963 by Lucille Taylor-Hansen, an American anthropologist. She was not a member of the Church.
    However she did join in 1969, about 7 years before her death. (And I can’ blame her, after what she learned).
    It is a most facinating book with references to so many older references too.
    The Saviour really did walk the Americas, I believed that as a 13 year old lad, 4 years before I even heard of the church.
    The Hebrewic links of some of the indians is one of the worlds great secrets. History would have to be re-written!
    Keep an open mind, we today cannot answer for those who have long gone, but it is so easy to incriminate defame and assassinate long after one has ‘snuffed it.’
    Our puny minds have little comprehension of the magnificance of this great work, it’s a shame you have swallowed the hook (as you no doubt believe I have!). The things of the spirit can only be known by the spirit. (I am well aware that Richard Dawkins even has his scientific answer for our supposedly claiming to feel the spirit. However I know what I know and I have experienced what I have experienced. Enjoy the meaninglessness of life as you see it, but you know you will always be welcome at church if, as and when you may decide to return, it does happen. I hope you continue to try to live the Gospel principles/standards as they can only bless your life. Thanks for all your faithful service over the years, I too was a F/T missionary & Bishop, It is wonderful to serve lift and help others. Regards,

    • stevebloor says:

      Thank you for your concern, I am flattered you have taken the time to compose your comments.

      I hope I can reciprocate. I am concerned for you. That you have been unable to recognise the delusional effects of the Mormon belief system.

      There is a principle well understood in psychology called self-deception. It’s a process which are subconscious minds use to protect us from potentially painful knowledge or information. A form of confirmational bias.

      The brain’s objective is to maintain a feeling of happiness & security. Our subconscious minds filter information which could threaten our sense of reality, mounting a defence by creating the ‘Vital Lie’.

      This happens all the time in situations where it’s just too painful to accept the truth. Where neutral parties are able to clearly see the objective reality, we are blind to the truth because our emotions drive our thinking.

      The uncomfortable truths I discovered in my initial foray into Church history were just the tip of a very big iceberg of lies & deceipt which continues upto this day.

      ‘Lying for the Lord’ is an established principle in Church leadership.

      One I abhor with a passion.

      For me, I loved the Church because I believed it epitomised truth.

      I loved the church because I believed it was True! Not just because there was a lot of good in it. The truth was something I felt I possessed and truthfulness was, & increasingly is, something I feel is worth standing up for &, if necessary, sacrificing for!

      It’s not about whether it “feels good!” Truth is never about how it feels! Truth stands independent & doesn’t care how it makes us feel. Truth is the same yesterday, today & tomorrow. The Church can, & has changed, but truth stands firm & immovable.

      When you consider why we believe in the Church, & the gospel it teaches, really consider, honestly. It’s all about ‘feelings’!

      If ‘feelings’ indicated truth, then all religions would be true, & every quack with a delusion would be a prophet.

      If you want to leave Plato’s Cave & really experience reality then you need to have the courage to face your ‘Vital Lie’ & honestly seek the truth.

      Most will prefer their perception of reality & sense of security.

      I never desired, nor ever imagined that truth existed outside of the Mormon Bubble to the extent I have discovered it.

      It has been a wonderful & exciting surprise, which grows ever more beautiful & is far better than it ever was inside the mind-control cult of The Church.

      If you are open to truth check out:

      Best regards,

  11. erin says:

    Trevor, Nothing feels better than thinking. I am so glad my husband and I left in time to raise our four sons with independent minds and true life skills outside of the Stockholm syndrome the church begins implanting from primary on. Think about the lyrics of this song “Follow the prophet, follow the prophet,follow the prophet, he knows the way…DON”T GO ASTRAY!” That is one sick song!. Thirty years as a card carrying Mormon obtained me a horrible sense of self, and a lifetime Rx of anti-depressants. Ten years out of it has relived me of that Rx (almost as soon as I quit going) and the need for it as well as TRUE friends (not assigned ones) who love me for my open and clever analytic mind. I have nothing but disgust for that church and the way it controls with guilt and lies in order for it’s believers to keep working and to keep stealing their $ on false pretenses. I don’t believe in a judgment, but if there ever is one; Joe Smith, BY and all other leaders who know what’s really on the other side of the curtain (POWER & BIG $$) will be in that outer darkness they’ve created for all the thinking, happy, intelligent apostates who refused to be their sheeple anymore. .

    Many believe they are happy in the LDS cult, but again; it is just complete mind control. The smart, strong ones cannot live a lie to make the masses they have been brought up with happy.

    Live with Intelligence my friend, Erin

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