Liberate Your Feet!


“My feet are getting tougher, I can run farther every day. I can trust my body to know what to do!” ~ Jake Sully as a Na’vi running barefoot in the movie Avatar.

In my opinion, the single biggest cause of all running related injuries is cushioned, supportive footwear. Do you think Jake Sully was longing for some high top Nikes as he climbed the Hallelujah mountains in the movie Avatar?

The running shoe industry has convinced people that the human foot is innately flawed and that we need cushioned & supportive shoes to correct our physical abnormalities. This is completely false for the vast majority of people. Running is as old as time. As long as there have been people, there have been runners; it was and is an absolutely critical part of life on the planet.

Let’s think about evolution for a second. Evolution states that only genes that aid in an animal’s survival get passed down over time–survival of the fittest, right? If this is the case, how could humans have faulty and malformed feet after hundreds thousands of years of running? It just doesn’t make sense.

And yet, we have been misled like donkeys chasing a carrot to believe this is true. This lie has cost countless people hundreds of dollars/pounds, created injury after injury, and ended many running careers for good.

To learn how to safely unleash your natural running ability just like Jake Sully did; Run Natural, Run Barefoot!

Adapted from article by Logan from Wild Movement.

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