The Mormon mind

I think the hardest part for all of us is probably that we have Mormon minds!

All our time in the Church has greatly influenced the way we think.

Our perception of reality is seen through a Mormon filter.

Having grown up in the Church I know nothing else. In my childhood I was indoctrinated in Mormon concepts & philosophy. I studied four years of seminary & three years of Institute. I studied the scriptures regularly & completely invested my intellectual & emotional part of my personality in Mormonism.

To all intense and purposes who I am as a person was determined by my complete surrender to the Church belief system.

Our neural network has grown from these beliefs.

So, this leaves us with subconscious biases, fears, guilt, preferences & prejudices.

I’ll be a Mormon of sorts till the day I die, even if I’m just a recovering Mormon.

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3 Responses to The Mormon mind

  1. Marcello Jun says:

    While this is true, I don’t know that it is entirely a bad thing.

    Having been forced to re-evaluate an entire (narrowly defined) world-view, I feel I am more confident that my beliefs and opinions are both thoroughly and carefully pondered as well independent (i.e. mine own).

    Also, I feel much more understanding of differing opinions and world-views. One is much less inclined to ridicule others for “stupidity” and “irrationality” when one is forced to recognize one’s previously held beliefs as utterly absurd! It is never a matter of stupid or intelligent, but rather a fluid — and messy — life-long learning process. A lot of which, I am confident, we will never learn in our life times.

    • stevebloor says:

      Agreed! It is a marvellous thing to be able to see the world from different perspectives.

      And to be able to appreciate different points of view without feeling defensive any more.

      In the past, as a believer, I ‘knew I knew’, now I ‘know I don’t know’!

      I love being curious & learning new truths, and continuing to learn, but never being dogmatic any more!

      It’s truly humbling! 😉

  2. John Jerdon says:

    Whether one believes the Book of Mormon is scripture or not, there still can be lessons learned from its pages. I know the story of “The Little Engine that Could” is not an account of actual events but it presents an important message. Without critical thinking overcoming cognitive dissonance is impossible. My brother has a Master’s Degree in Psychology from BYU, yet cannot recognize the brain washing technics ingrained in LDS culture. I don’t have any qualms about how anyone chooses to worship how, where, when & what they may but what is puzzling is why so few LDS believe what is in their own scriptures, yet try to shame whom they label as “apostate” because they held to the “Iron Rod” and spoke out against what was going on and what defied common sense.

    My experience with LDS culture was they try to command obedience in the same way that “Lucifer” did in their story of the “War in Heaven”. Should anyone exercise their free will/agency to think for themselves they are shunned and ostracized. When they cannot confound your logic or knowledge of the scriptures to your face they attack you behind your back even though they are told by their own “Savior” to be reconciled with their brother before leaving an offering at the altar of the temple. This is they only requirement I am aware that the “Lord” established for entering a stone temple yet, the LDS “Stone Temple Pilots” have made the “Word of Wisdom” outlined in D&C 89 a requirement for a Temple Recommend even though verse 2 clearly states that it is “not by commandment or constraint”; else how could it be “adapted to the capacity of the weak and weakest of all saints”, which were those unable to live by its precepts.

    The restoration of the Melchizedek Priesthood was such a monumental event that they forgot to record the date it supposedly took place. If the date was unsure they why didn’t Joseph Smith inquire as to the date through the Urim & Thumim? So much for the “Law of Record Keeping” and a “House of Order”. It boggles my mind that LDS think God is going to step in and save us from ourselves when in the “keystone” of their own religion they are given the examples of the Jaredite & Nephite nations total destruction that He will not. The Lamanites were spared and were the more righteous people yet Utah and other western states with large LDS populations strongly oppose immigration of dark-skinned people back into the land once possessed by their own ancestors.

    My sister concedes that “apostasy” is rampant in the church and that unrighteous dominion among priesthood holders is the norm but believes “the Lord is going to cleanse the church from within”, yet fails remember the story of King Noah and his priests usurping control of the church. Not only did the behavior of the “wicked” King Noah and his priests mirror that of those that followed Brigham Young westward (The left hand of God) but if you read Mosiah 11:1-13 with eyes to see it mirrors the what currently stands in the Mormon Kingdom of Temple Square. LDS fail to realize that messengers that were not the presiding authorities in the church were called of God to call the church to repentance (Jesus, Zenos & Zenock, Abinadi and Samuel the Lamanite).

    LDS justify & rationalize the practice of polygamy in the early church even though in Jacob 2:27 a God that is the same yesterday, today & forever condemns it. When doctrines do not comply with their “standard” works then isn’t that the very definition of what they deem as apostasy? What do they think a wolf in sheep’s clothing is?

    D&C 84 tells them that those that go with purse, scrip and two coats are NOT true disciples, yet they admonish their youth to occupy their minds with saving money (purse) for proselyting missions. Their missionaries teach scripted discussion and had out vouchers of credit for their religion in the form of pamphlets, videos & scriptures (scrip). And lastly, their “Elders” are required to have two serviceable suits before leaving on their mission (2 coats). That’s three strikes and an out in baseball…as for cricket I’m clueless. ; ) Matthew 23:15 teaches that those that “compass sea and land to make one proselyte” make twofold the children of hell than themselves and they still believe they do not violate their own 11th Article of Faith.

    D&C 42 teaches them to not teach unless moved upon by the spirit and that in the very hour they need it their tongue shall be loosed yet, their General Authorities read talks in mocking attitude toward the rest of the world from teleprompters during General Conference in a “great & spacious building” that looks like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The number of parallels between the Jewish & LDS faiths are staggering and in plain sight, yet they are blindly obedient or willfully blind to their condition. Though they walk in daylight they are still in darkness. : (

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