What is the nature of spiritual experiences, answers to prayer & revelation from ‘God’?

I think neuro-science will have the answers eventually.

They do seem to have ideas about how are sub-conscious mind works, which may be where we get inspiration from.

The conscious & sub-conscious mind is what our brains do. The mind is a function of the brain.

The sub-conscious mind makes up the vast majority of the function of our brains, with the conscious mind, the self-aware bit of our mind, taking up just a small part of it.

The sub-conscious mind is busily working away in the background & occasionally letting our conscious mind know what’s going on. In effect c.c.ing our conscious mind. Saying, “Oh by the way I’ve decided this, or that!”

Scientists have Apparently discovered that our sub-conscious mind can have made a decision, or come to a conclusion, some time before we actually realise it.

So the question is, “are we inspiring ourselves?” Or, in other words, “is our sub-conscious mind actually our God??”

The other consideration is how we perceive reality. We have to use all sorts of visual, kinaesthetic & auditory assumptions etc about the world around us.

Stage magicians cleverly use these in order to trick our minds. We can inadvertently fool ourselves through these assumptions too.

Also, we see the world around us through the filter of bias. We only notice things which we are already aware of, or are thinking about, a type of confirmational bias.

And, the mind is so powerful we can experience hallucinations in any or all of our senses. Including through self-hypnosis brought on by meditation.

Plus we often ignore what doesn’t fit our desires.

All in all, we are psychologically very complex creatures who can be deceived & deluded by any combination of the above factors depending on our state of emotions & state of consciousness.

I’m not an expert, but absolutely fascinated by how I was deceived for so long.

In the gospel sense, if you sincerely pray to God for an answer, you will always get one!

It will never be wrong!

Either: Yes, No or Wait!

So if I pray for a sick relative to live & they do, then God has listened to my prayer, said Yes, & blessed me.

If they die, then God obviously said No, because there must be a higher purpose for them dying.

In other circumstances I may just not get an answer, because ‘the time of isn’t right’, or ‘I need to learn patience.’

Either way, the believer is satisfied!😉

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