Reclaiming the Moral High Ground

Mormon Church leaders are not interested in all the truth!

Only some truths which reinforce their beliefs! It’s called whitewashing the truth!

As my brother David says, “Some people base their reality on their beliefs, others base their beliefs on reality!”

I’m loving living an authentic life!

I think religious groups like the Mormon Church have tried to hold the moral high ground for far too long!

People like Sam Harris are claiming the moral high ground for humanists, secularists & scientists. Neuro-scientists are fast discovering the way our brains work & have found areas in our brains which are responsible for morality.

No-one is perfect, we’re all human, but some religious beliefs can handicap, distract & cripple our natural human potential & humanistic tendencies for compassion & moral rectitude.

Just look at Joseph Smith & those who followed him, especially Brigham Young. “Lying for the Lord” is just downright sick, twisted & and fraudulent!

Millions have followed them & sincerely tried to live moral lives, including myself, but I now feel that some decisions I’ve made in my life, including during my time as bishop were influenced by negative pressure from priesthood leaders & the Mormon belief system which emphasises obedience above morality!

This tendency for lying by the Lord’s ‘Prophets’ is what finally pushed me to resign as bishop after I recognised it in even our recent General Church Authorities, including Gordon B Hinckley!

When members are under a subtle form of mind control, which instills biases, prejudices, guilt, fears & phobias, then it can sometimes be difficult to choose what is humanly, morally right, but rather encourages a focus on obedience & prioritising life after death rather than the effects on self & others in this life.

I’ve been thinking about how focusing so much on preparing & sacrificing for the next life leads to spoiling our enjoyment, achievement & morally upright behaviour in this life; the only life we ‘know’ we have!

Some members are willing to tolerate all kinds of discomforts & live lives of pretense rather than authenticity. Often avoiding revealing how they really feel out of a fear of letting others down.

How can anyone live this one life authentically if all their focus is on the next one?

I honestly believe Mormons worship ‘death’! Whether it is celebrating the death & resurrection of Jesus every Sunday & in baptisms, or in the temple endowment & sealings. The focus on ‘Families Are Forever’ is often more about the next life than this one. Family Temple Sealings focus on the relationship after death. This type of thinking is evident when a family member leaves the Church, which causes other family members to recoil in terror that the family is now incomplete because of that one person.

My own father has said he’d rather us be dead than leave the Church!

Death to Mormons really is more desirable than disobedience to the Church!

Shocking; truly, tragically, shocking!

I’m so relieved, indeed shocked, I could be so lucky to have had my mind unplugged from the Mormon ‘matrix’!

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