The Difference between Truth & Feelings.

I was told by the Stake President to keep my mouth closed about the uncomfortable, difficult issues about the Church.

I said I’ll only talk about things which are true. Those things which even the Church leaders & BYU accept as being true. His reply was that I must say nothing about the history of the Church.

I asked again, “Do you mean I can’t even talk about the truth?” He said, “No! Don’t talk about anything to do with the Church, even if it is true!”

What does that tell you?

They are scared! Scared of the truth!

I discovered that the Church is not interested in truth. They are only interested in orthodox, dogmatic belief based on feelings.

I discovered that a person can believe in something so much that their brain makes it seem true, just because it feels right, or feels good.

People used to think the earth was flat, but it wasn’t!

I learnt that truth is truth despite what I feel about it.

Some of the things I believed were true, were completely false, yet the false idea used to make me feel good, so I thought it mustĀ therefore be true. This is a similar basis for the placebo effect in medicine.

That’s what the Church teaches doesn’t it?

They say, “As you read the Book of Mormon & pray about it you will feel good about it.”

But the whole concept of ‘truth making a person feel good so that they conclude it must be true’ is in fact flawed.

Would you want your doctor treating you with medicine that had not been proven to be safe or effective, but he used it anyway because he liked it & ‘felt good’ about it?

In another example, I could ‘feel’ that a hamburger is good, but it doesn’t make it true. A hamburger is not either true or false, it just is!

On the other hand, if when I learn that the Nazis murdered millions of Jews it makes me feel bad, does that mean I shouldn’t believe it really happened.

Once I realized that truth is not discovered through feelings it became apparent that lots of things which the Church teaches are myths based only on someone else’s thoughts.

The thoughts are pleasant & even reassuring. They make a person feel good, but ultimately they were just a make-believe fantasy.

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