My motivation for leading Latter-day Saints to the truth

I really want to help members realise the myth of the Church. To realise that the world isn’t as dark & bleak as they believe. That reality is actually okay, in fact far better than living in a fairy tale.

I believe people need to understand the truth about the Church, even if they continue to remain members, so that they at least have facts upon which to base their ‘testimony’ rather than a sanitised, made up fairy tale which develops faith, but is not based on truth.

If I don’t try to help them discover the truth for themselves I think that when my TBM friends and family eventually realise the truth they will wonder why I didn’t love them enough to try to help them see through the delusion.

I know the pain that realising the truth can cause, but like any birth process the eventual outcome is a wonderful authentic life based on reality, rather than a myth.

Many decisions in my life have been made based on prayer and feelings which, looking back now were not based on reliable, factual evidence, but on hopes, with the consequences sometimes being an unfavourable outcome for me and my family. This is one of the reasons why there is the greatest number of financial scams in Utah and the highest number of bankruptcies. Decisions about important things need facts not feelings.

However, there are ways & means to encourage, persuade, facilitate, & love our friends and family into the realisation of the truth. No-one should or can be forced. They need to want to know.

Just by being there in their lives, by being happy and enjoying life outside the Church we’re acting as the antidote! Then slowly, gently, empathetically leading them to ask questions, to think for themselves some of them will discover the delusion for themselves.

When that happens, we can be there to listen, to understand, to feel their pain and to help them find joy once more in their new lives.

I ask questions about religious philosophy & beliefs on Facebook & my blog because I believe the vast majority of members of the Church are good people & are unaware of some of the psychological implications of the Mormon belief system.

They may well be grateful, as I was, to reconsider their beliefs either to become even more committed as faithful members or choose to believe & live otherwise.

In either case they will have had a choice to weigh up the evidence for & against a particular religious or psychological philosophy.

If, as we are led to believe, the Church is True, then there should be no risk involved in considering other points of view.

When Truth collides with error, error is revealed & our belief in the Truth is strengthened!

However, if the initially held beliefs are in error, then the new evidence is exchanged for the false belief & those involved are grateful to discover new Truths.

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