MITTENS worn all the time are normal?!

There will probably be no disagreement that STIFF MITTENS inhibit, restrict, weaken, deform, & take away most of the normal, natural function & sensation of hands if worn continually!

Imagine if you will there is a parallel universe in which a society considers the wearing of mittens civilised and medically necessary.

You grow up from childhood being dressed every day by parents with the mittens & told repeatedly that you need to wear mittens to protect your hands from dirt & sharp objects, and that hands need the support of mittens because otherwise they’ll collapse & become painful. You’re taught that careful washing & drying of your hands will help avoid infections, but, that any infections of the skin of the hands is common so just use an antiseptic or anti-fungal cream to treat it.

You are taught to get your hands measured carefully and to buy the correct size mitten allowing some extra room for your hands to grow. Only buy mittens at the end of the day because your hands spread during the day.

If you develop calluses, corns or other hand problems you need to consult a properly trained hand specialist who can remove the hard skin and make you comfortable again.

Since the wise introduction of stiff mittens to human civilized culture a few centuries ago the numbers of hand specialists has grown immensely.
There are also huge numbers of medical hand products on the market to help remedy all the hand pathology people suffer with nowadays.

Other ‘less civilised’ cultures round the world look at mitten wearing as aspirational so are beginning to adopt the same practice. Unfortunately the incidence of hand problems has risen since mitten wearing became more common.

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