A copied Comment about opposition to the concept of barefoot lifestyle on Bob Neinast’s blog

People often have hang-ups about a barefoot lifestyle,…

“because a large percentage of humans have arbitrary cultural ‘wordviews’ and do not live based on reality or critical thinking.

“Often their very identity is based on a set of both true and false beliefs they have developed over a lifetime, and refuse to be proven wrong. And the true and false ones are given equal weight in their heads. Science and evidence mean nothing to them, they will not risk losing a part of who they are by being told something they believed to be true all their lives really is not.

“After all, you really have to suspend logic and reality in order to believe completely in religious doctrine and in politics, both which contain lots of contradictions and mutually exclusive concepts that people who takes sides simply ignore, in order to create an artificial “us vs them” rivalry. It’s that territorial primate behavior we just can’t shake loose.” – Beach Bum

Original post: http://ahcuah.wordpress.com/2011/05/03/its-safety-unless/

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