Points to consider when transitioning to barefoot running

1. Slowly does it. (Your feet will probably be quite weak if you’ve worn supportive shoes all your life. Like going to the gym -start slowly)
2. Walk barefoot before you Run barefoot (this helps to toughen your skin and acclimatise your nerve endings to the new sensations)
3. Strengthen foot and calf muscles (use specific exercises to condition these muscles to the new, more natural activity)
4. Strengthen hip muscles including gluteal muscles (barefoot running utilises a forefoot strike which necessitates strong buttock muscles)
5. Stretch calf and hamstrings (they often get tight with this change in activity)
6. Look before you step (as a barefoot runner you are definitely more vulnerable to stepping on sharp objects, so always make sure you can see where you are stepping)
7. Try barefoot beach running for strength training (it’s tougher on your muscles, but great for building strength as part of a training programme)
8. Learn technique best by running completely barefoot (the nerve endings in your feet will give you more tactile sensory feedback to improve your posture when the skin has direct contact with the ground)
9. Change to a forefoot strike technique (you can’t run far without injury if you continue running with a heel strike)
10. Get massage quickly if calf muscles react (most runners will need a good calf massage when transitioning to barefoot running as the calf muscles will need to adapt to the natural gait from the previous un-natural running style encouraged by traditional running shoes)

Free Your Feet
Created by: X Ray Technician Schools

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One Response to Points to consider when transitioning to barefoot running

  1. Darren says:

    I have been reading your blog and website a lot for the last couple of days. I have noticed that you repeatedly mention that strengthening exercises are important for feet. I am curious as to what kind of exercises can be done for the feet. Any videos out there that you could recommend?

    I have been going barefoot for the last couple of days and I am really enjoying it. I have some lingering foot and ankle pain from an injury that I cannot get rid of. I have used orthotics for the last 2 years, and it helped but now the pain has come back so I am looking to try a different approach.


    P.S. Great blog and website.

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