Achievements Of Tom Phillips Fraud Case Against Thomas S Monson


The Church has changed through being challenged
In essence, the Church has been changed in several ways by the process of Tom Phillips challenging the Truth Claims of the Church.

1. Beliefs should no longer be considered facts

2. Priesthood Leaders not needed to represent the Lord’s Church, instead lawyers who make pronouncements on behalf of the Church.

3. One more step to having true freedom of, & from, religion

4. Tithing is voluntary and optional

5. Catalyst For Change

Beliefs Not Facts, & Lawyers Not Priesthood Leaders Speak For The Church
Many members now know of the ten recent essays which the Church Historical Department has produced to clarify certain controversial issues. (Responses To Essays)

Issues which have become more significant as an ever-increasing number of committed members leave the Church every year on discovering the ‘truth behind the curtain’. It could be said that the Church has been forced into producing these essays as an attempt to quell the losses from the ever-decreasing tithing receipts because the majority of those leaving are tithing worthy members.

It is because of the work of many diligent, truth-seeking historians and due to the  excellent websites like that these issues are being brought to light and the Church leadership are being forced to come clean about them, admitting they were in error. (President Uchtdorf, “To be perfectly frank, there have been times when members or leaders in the church have simply made mistakes,”

These essays can be seen as admissions of guilt by the Church that many erroneous historical and doctrinal ideas were taught in the past as facts. Often those prophets and apostles of the recent past who taught these now disavowed ideas etc. are seemingly blamed as speaking as men, and of inflicting their own opinions on the Church as a whole. (“if there are faults they are the mistakes of men; wherefore, condemn not the things of God” – Book of Mormon Introduction. Book of Mormon Title Page)

Just the examples of some of the fundamental teachings of the Church which have changed include:

Blacks & the Priesthood

Throwing The Prophets Of The Past Under The Bus

Disavowing Past Teachings On Race & The Priesthood

Apology To The Blacks

Can Mormonism Hold Onto Faith & Science?

Indigenous Americans are not descendents of Lamanites

There Really Is Nowhere To Lose Or Hide The Lamanites

The Shifting Sands Of A Shaky Foundation

Joseph Smith used a stone in a hat to translate the Book of Mormon

Mad Hatter Translation

Difficult Aspects Of Mormon History

It is believed that more essays are in the pipeline.

We can take heart for our loved ones still in the Mormon Church that more openness, and transparency is coming when we hear Elder Steven Snow commenting on this subject:

“My view is that being open about our history solves a whole lot more problems than it creates. We might not have all the answers, but if we are open (and we now have pretty remarkable transparency), then I think in the long run that will serve us well. I think in the past there was a tendency to keep a lot of the records closed or at least not give access to information. But the world has changed in the last generation—with the access to information on the Internet, we can’t continue that pattern; I think we need to continue to be more open…. Fortunately Seminaries and Institutes and Curriculum have really stepped up and said in essence, ‘You know we really want to take this on, we would like to talk about these sensitive issues in our seminaries and institutes.’ It’s one thing to tell a fourteen-year-old some of these sensitive things and they say, ‘OK, that’s great.’ But sometimes when you are twenty-something, it comes across a little differently. I think we can build faith and better prepare people if we weave some of the unusual threads in history into the curriculum…. We have an obligation to provide our members with reliable information on some of these more difficult questions from our history. We are committed to do[ing] that.” (“Start with Faith: A Conversation with Elder Steven E. Snow,” Religious Educator 14, no. 3 [2013]: 4–5)

The question surely arises in the enquiring minds of those who seek the truth, how do we know that today’s leaders are speaking as the Lord or as men when they teach us of anything in the Church? Or is it all ‘of Man’ with no influence from God?


Beyond this, because of the Tom Phillips’ Court Case, the Church has now been forced to admit there is no factual truth in the Church teachings.

The Church leadership sent lawyers to defend President Monson against accusations that tithing was being obtained, or sought to be obtained, from its members by the making of untrue statements of fact.

In defending the Church from the accusations of fraud those lawyers admitted on behalf of the Church in a Court of Law that there is no factual basis to the claims for Mormon beliefs.

The Church lawyers said, “the question of beliefs is not allowed in law.”

“Statements made by the Church are not facts, they are beliefs. Nothing is ever said as fact, it’s just belief!!!!”

Every General Authority’s testimony and all the members too will now be seen in a different light. Not as truth, but merely belief.


So from now on we know that there are no facts in Mormonism, only beliefs!

One more step to having true freedom of, & from, religion
The act of challenging the Church in this way has eroded the legal and political systems’ reluctance to consider religious fraud.

At first sight it looks like Tom Phillips’ evidence in the case wasn’t tested in court, but actually it was. Not by a jury as we wanted, but by the very experienced District Court Judge, Elizabeth Roscoe. 

Tom’s evidence for the fraud being carried on by the Church was tested by Judge Roscoe. She tested the evidence very thoroughly in Court for nearly four months, putting every conceivable defense to Tom’s legal team until in the end she had to accept 90% of the evidence and issue the Summons. She did not do this lightly, her own reputation was on the line.

Now it seems another Judge, or the legal/political system in the UK, has decided it is not time to attack religion in this way. Maybe they are thinking there are bigger repercussions for religion generally?

Nevertheless, for this case to get this far in a Court of Law is unprecedented in legal history.

Just as with gaining votes for women with the suffragette movement, or overcoming people’s attitude to slavery, social change takes time and effort. It takes losing a few battles to gain the greater victory eventually. The time in which religion can commit crime with impunity is coming to an end.

Religion cannot get a free pass to do what it likes. It cannot be allowed to break the law without consequences.


At the moment there is still far too much respect for religion generally in our societies. Yes we should respect people’s rights to hold ideas or beliefs which are different than our own, but those ideas don’t deserve to be respected just because they are religious ideas. If that was the case we’d still be living in the Dark Ages with Catholic beliefs determining our daily lives and behaviour. Thank goodness for people of courage through the centuries like Galileo who challenged the thinking of his day to become “the father of modern science.”

One day in the future, people may look back in time to thank Tom Phillips for his actions in challenging the ability of religions to commit fraud without fear of legal redress.

Tithing is Voluntary & Optional
I was taught that tithing is a commandment of God with consequences for disobedience including being burned at Christ’s Second Coming and losing my Eternal Life.

Children as young as four are taught that tithing is necessary to obey God.

Primary Children’s Lesson on Tithing


Notice question 6 states that it is wrong to say, “It doesn’t matter if we pay tithing”, strongly inferring in the vulnerable minds of very young children that tithing is not optional.

People cannot even join the Church without agreeing to pay tithing for the rest of their lives in a Baptismal Interview.

Baptismal Interview Questions


Since the Tom Phillips Fraud Case we now also realise, through the lawyers acting on behalf of the Church, that tithing is no longer required, but is optional.

Several times throughout the Initial Hearing in the Fraud Case the Church lawyers stated categorically that “tithing is a voluntary donation” made by members of the Church. 

This being the case, maybe members being asked to serve in a Calling in the Church, attend an LDS Temple, or as a priesthood holder baptising their own child, could ask their Bishop if they are okay with them choosing not to pay tithing, because it is optional!???

The Voluntary Nature of Tithing & Misinformed Consent

Your Money Or Your Eternal Life: Conned Out Of £60,000

The Tom Phillips fraud case against Thomas S Monson should be seen as a catalyst in growing support for change in the Church
The court case has raised awareness of the controversial issues to vastly more people than ever before. More members are now reconsidering their own testimonies.

This means many more people are talking about the controversial issues this case has raised than ever before. Many previously unmentionable subjects  (the ‘elephants in the room’ we all know of) within in Mormon/Ex-Mormon relationships have been noticed and spoken of since this case became world news. Many of those relationships have improved as new levels of understanding have been achieved, whilst it’s sadly true that some have worsened, I am heartened to hear of many situations where relationships have been strengthened because of this action. 

I celebrate the fact that many new avenues of communication have opened. I believe in authenticity for ourselves & with others. For ourselves as we live lives of honesty & integrity, and with others as we can be open and honest in our communications with friends and relatives, rather than living with the unspoken differences of opinion.

With the courage which Tom Phillips’ has shown in bringing this case against the Church for fraud, many more disenfranchised members and former members have felt emboldened to come forward and plead for change. Tom Phillips bravery has acted as a catalyst for other action to gather pace. Because of this case we now have the wonderful Mormon Open Letter which in only a few weeks has been signed by several thousand members and former members, with every growing support across the world. The aims of the Mormon Open Letter of encouraging the Church to be honest, open & transparent regarding the controversial issues in its doctrinal beliefs and history I believe will bring about more positive change in the Church. Another aim of the Mormon Open Letter is to encourage more acceptance of those who question or change their beliefs, which I think will happen at an accelerated rate because of the issues raised by this case.

My own view of the Church is that it was built from a rotten core of lies from its inception. That doesn’t mean I don’t accept there has been some good achieved by the Church. However, I mainly think that any good that has been achieved has been because of the members and in spite of the Church.

Just because I think the Church has done some good things in the past, I don’t think it should necessarily continue.

Much like I agree that the First World War helped emancipate women.

Both of the vehicles of change were tragically flawed, but there were some good outcomes.

From a personal context I do wonder if it hadn’t been for the Church and my eventual epiphany from it that I may not have had such a curious interest in psychology of belief etc. Which again I see as a good thing.

However, I tend to think of Mormonism a bit like hitting one’s head against a wall. It’s only a good thing when you stop it!

Music which became very poignant for me during my transition out of Mormonism was the stirring musical piece ‘Now We Are Free’ from the movie Gladiator by Ridley Scott.

Moving forward
We will continue the campaign for Honesty, Openness, Transparency and Acceptance.

We will find other ways to challenge the Church to be obedient to the laws of the land and be honest with its members and investigators about its history and doctrines. The Church will eventually be forced to give full and frank disclosure instead of ensnaring members in a web of deception, half-truths and lies.

History is on our side. This is what happens to all religions – eventually.

“Dr. Martin Luther King said, “We must not drink from the cup of bitterness and hatred.” We can be angry about the injustice, but we can’t let it get us down. We have to remain happy, joyful, fun-loving people. We can be the more fun people. We can have the most fun! We don’t have to be repressed by their morality. Let’s live happy, joyful lives. Yet, we can never compromise on our critique of dogma. We need to increase the understanding of who we are by coming out and living openly.

“We need to be humanitarians. We need to do charity work. We need to choose to be good because it feels good, it is the right thing to do, and it will lead to the salvation of humanity, not in the next world, but in this one!

“No longer will we let discrimination stand. No longer will we hide what we believe. We believe in truth, integrity, love and honesty. We believe in freedom. We will gain respect as we gain the love of our friends, our family, and our neighbors. We love and we deserve to be loved like anyone else.”

~ Delivered March 24, 2012 by Todd Stiefel at the Reason Rally on the National Mall in Washington D.C.


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Our Thoughts On The Monson Fraud Case


These are our thoughts and understandings in regards to the Fraud Case against Thomas Spencer Monson.

We are not lawyers, but this is what we have been given to understand and it is shared as information only, for those who are following the case. These are our opinions unrelated to any evidence we may be called upon to present at a trial:

“On the morning of what may prove to be an historic day in Mormon History, it is perhaps useful to consider what the potential outcomes may be at Westminster Magistrates Court today:

“At 10am a ruling will be given by Judge Riddle as to whether the two summonses should be withdrawn, and his judgment will be based largely on arguments put forward last Friday by the LDS church’s QC.

“Provided Judge Riddle rejects those arguments, a ruling would ordinarily then be given concerning venue and allocation of future hearings and trial. Considering the scale of the alleged fraud, the case would almost certainly be referred to Southwark Crown Court.

“However, it appears very unlikely that this will be possible today in the absence of Thomas S. Monson, and this is a point well understood by his legal team. However, the non-appearance of TSM would have further consequences beyond the immediate one of poor publicity, and potentially might include an application for a warrant for his arrest throughout the EU, and also for an extradition order. These would be lengthy and costly processes.

“Alternatively, Judge Riddle may rule today that the two present summonses should be withdrawn. Such a ruling would result if, for example, he accepted the LDS church’s argument that this action is “vexatious” (basically brought out of spite), or “untestable” because of the inter-relatedness of LDS facts and beliefs. It is not anticipated that the summonses will be withdrawn for such reasons, but if they are then we understand that there are other non-doctrinal issues which could form a new action.

“A third reason for withdrawing the summonses would be if Judge Riddle considered they were defective in some way, in which case he would need to explain his reasons, (as his colleague District Judge Roscoe drafted them in their present form), and then, based upon that guidance, corrected summonses would be issued, and the process would re-commence.

“Whatever the ruling today, we may be sure that this is about to become bigger and broader. Today will be a beginning of one kind or another.”


Christopher Ralph &
Stephen Bloor

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Bishops Who Don’t Believe: Can The Church Support Them?


I personally know of several Mormon Bishops and other priesthood leaders who have ‘lost’ their testimonies:

Some, of the Church;
Some, of the gospel;
Some, of Joseph Smith;
Some, of God and religion!

Some no longer pay tithing or go to the temple because of their disbelief in the Church, yet feel trapped in their callings due to the expectations of Ward members, Stake Presidents and their wives and families. As much as they would like to resign, they fear the repercussions for the members they love and serve, as well as for their relationships with family and friends. There is a deep desire to not let anyone down.

Most of these good men are deeply troubled by the hypocrisy of the situation they feel trapped in.


Some continue because they feel they are doing some good in the Church by staying in their positions of leadership, dispite their non-belief.

I was personally asked by my counsellors after I resigned as Bishop to change my mind about resigning and continue in the role of Bishop, “because”, they said, “you are doing a good job!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!

Without a testimony of the gospel I felt compelled by my honesty and integrity to resign. Yet I was being asked by the two men I loved like brothers to continue to serve in the Church despite my certainty that the Church was not true. I personally couldn’t do it.

(My resignation letter as Bishop)


Other non-believing priesthood leaders are desperate to be released so they no longer feel the pangs of guilt, for instance after performing a Personal Priesthood Interview, or Tithing Settlement. Or after conducting Sacrament meetings, particularly Fast & Testimony meetings, where they are compelled to bear false testimonies to the congregation.

Imagine having to conduct a temple recommend interview, where the questions remind you of your own doubting heart and questioning mind.

Consider how deeply uncomfortable it is to have to stand before a Ward or Stake meeting and pretend to be someone you’re not.


I’ve been in this position. I know how deeply troubling it is. I could not persist in my calling for longer than six weeks without resigning as Bishop.

Some priesthood leaders can rationalise for awhile as a way of coping with the cognitive dissonance. But inevitably it eventually becomes an impossible situation & they look for some resolution. I empathise completely with their dilemma, & offer a listening ear to those who want it.

This problem is a growing one.

Tragically the current belief system in the Church has created it. Mormonism currently doesn’t value a questioning attitude, only authoritarian obedience without reservation or uncertainty.


The Church elevates the pretence of certainty over honest and authentic doubt.

Yet the members still expect and deserve honesty. No matter what I now believe about God or religion generally, I still believe in honesty!

How can members of any Church truly thrive without Truth, Honesty, Openness, Transparency and Acceptance?

This is what we should be striving for.

After all, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” (James 1:8)

This is a big problem in many churches as is so eloquently detailed by Daniel Dennett:

Please check out the Mormon Open Letter. A campaign for a more authentic belief system and cultural attitude within Mormonism.

Currently the Mormon Open Letter has 75 Bishops signed up, as well as 2 Stake Presidents. Along with many other members serving in leadership roles both male and female.

My admiration and gratitude go out to all those who have the courage to speak truth to power!

“It is a paradox of our time that those with power are too comfortable to notice the pain of those who suffer, & those who suffer have no power.

“To break out of this trap requires the courage to speak truth to power!” ~ Daniel Goleman


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Mormon Disclosures: Fraud Case First Day Official Release

It’s good to feel like we’re a taking a small part in history being made.

I’m in awe of Tom Phillips and his legal team for their intellectual and moral integrity, for their honesty and determination to see Truth Prevail.

Along with Christopher Ralph, we’re the first of many who are campaigning for change at this time. The process is already delivering results in regards to more honesty, openness & transparency.

The Church will never be able to deceive in the same way again.

Here are David Twede’s insights into the first day of proceedings at the Westminster Magistrates Court:

And for more information about the case:

MormonThink link to Live Blogging Transcript from the Fraud Case

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The Illusion of Asymmetric Insight


Brilliant explanation of In-group/Out-group thinking.

I desire all to receive it…..

Originally posted on You Are Not So Smart:

The Misconception:  You celebrate diversity and respect others’ points of view.

The Truth: You are driven to create and form groups and then believe others are wrong just because they are others.

Source: “Lord of the Flies,” 1963, Two Arts Ltd.

In 1954, in eastern Oklahoma, two tribes of children nearly killed each other.

The neighboring tribes were unaware of each other’s existence. Separately, they lived among nature, played games, constructed shelters, prepared food – they knew peace. Each culture developed its own norms and rules of conduct. Each culture arrived at novel solutions to survival-critical problems. Each culture named the creeks and rocks and dangerous places, and those names were known to all. They helped each other and watched out for the well-being of the tribal members.

Scientists stood by, watchful, scribbling notes and whispering. Much nodding and squinting took place as the tribes granted to anthropology and psychology…

View original 4,273 more words

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“The Church Is True, But The Members Aren’t!” – Why We Fear & Hate The Truth


One of the most common responses we hear from believing members when we are at all critical of the history or institution of the Church is that “The Church is True, but the members aren’t.”

This is basically an ad hominem attack on the general grassroots membership of the Church.

I am now shocked at the way believing members find it impossible to see or comprehend that their Church could ever be at fault.

Yet I thought and acted the very same way as a faithfully serving Bishop when defending the Church.

What are some of the reasons for this?

I used to think that I had the truth and the Fulness of The Gospel of Jesus Christ, but that changed when I became more doxastically open.

Confirmation bias is a powerful influence over a believers mind.

“He that is good with a hammer tends to think everything is a nail.” ~ Abraham Maslow

Stepping back to look at the bigger picture reveals more than we can ever imagine.

It seems bizarre to me now as I look back at a Church I used to love, that I see people suffering from a belief system which causes fear, guilt and shame through the inculcation of subconscious biases, phobias and prejudices.

The evidence for this happening is obvious to all those who are neutral. Many non-Mormon friends and strangers I talk to about the Church comment on the irrational fear and bizarre attitudes of Mormons they know. They always add, “but they are lovely people,” after their comments about how deluded and cultish they are. Psychologists and cult-recovery therapists deal with the consequences of the fear-based belief system on a regular basis.

Tragically even the suicide statistics for young people in Utah who are LGBTQ are evidence of a belief system which is not helping human beings thrive.

We should be very wary of any organisation which tries to exert undue influence on its members by fear.

Most people in general, and those in certain organisations which use undue influence in particular, are not aware of the way their minds are being controlled. Most members believe they are free to think for themselves and strongly believe their choices are free-will choices, without ever considering the prior causes of their emotional choices.


There is a principle well understood in psychology called self-deception. It’s a process which our subconscious minds use to protect us from potentially painful knowledge or information. A form of confirmational bias.

The brain’s objective is to maintain a feeling of happiness & security. Our subconscious minds filter information which could threaten our sense of reality, mounting a defence by creating the ‘Vital Lie’.

This happens all the time in situations where it’s just too painful to accept the truth. Where neutral parties are able to clearly see the objective reality, we are blind to the truth because our emotions drive our thinking.

“We fear and hate many of truth’s disclosures because they’re often accompanied by narcissistic insults. What’s a narcissistic insult? It’s a bulletin from reality that, while capable of smartening us up, offends our ego. To avoid such insults, we cling to our illusions and limit our intelligence and inner freedom.” ~ Why We Fear and Hate the Truth

Unfortunately, above and beyond the general background level of anxiety and depression, there are many members of the Church who are suffering from the abuse of power by their leaders. I’m in touch with many members worldwide who are desperate for some hope and courage. Often they cannot speak up for themselves, so others like Tom Phillips etc. need to speak up for them.

The recent Mormon Open Letter is evidence that there is a tremendous need for change.


It is unfortunate that when inside the Church it is almost impossible to see the damage it is doing.

Daniel Goleman says it well:

“Self-deception operates both at the level of the individual mind, & in the collective awareness of the group. To belong to a group of any sort, the tacit price of membership is to agree not to notice one’s own feelings of uneasiness & misgiving, & certainly not to question anything that challenges the group’s way of doing things. The price for the group in this arrangement is that dissent, even healthy dissent, is stifled!

“In order to break through the cocoons of silence that keep vital truths from the collective awareness you need courage. It is the courage to seek the truth & to speak it that can save us from the narcotic of self-deception.

“It is a paradox of our time that those with power are too comfortable to notice the pain of those who suffer, & those who suffer have no power.

“To break out of this trap requires the courage to speak truth to power!”

The problems of emotion driven thinking and undue influence are not unique to Mormonism.

Neither Jehovah’s Witnesses nor
Mormons will recognise or acknowledge they are members of an organisation which practices ‘undue influence’ over the minds of it’s members. But each group of people will be able to recognise the other as doing so.

Chris Johnson explains the similarities between Mormons & Jehovah’s Witnesses

I’ve been quite shocked by the attitude of faithful members and leaders to those who change their beliefs. Instead of treating them like Christ supposedly taught, as if they have become ‘spiritually blinded’, and so in need of an increase in love, members and leaders more often than not recoil in fear and push the questioning or disenfranchised member away. I see this as a form of institutionalised in-group/out-group thinking and behaviour associated with a persecution complex. I don’t see this as being at all Christlike. There is an evident fear that the so-called ‘apostate’ had been deceived by Satan and should be avoided in case the evil spirit they possess adversely affects their own spirit & testimony.


All I can see are actions driven by fear!

I thought that Jesus taught we should give aid to the ‘Spiritually Blind’.

According to Mormon beliefs someone who is losing or has lost their testimony is ‘Spiritually Blind’.


As I talked with my ecclesiastical leaders after I resigned as Bishop I did not feel like they perceived me as ‘Spiritually Blind’, nor did I once feel like they wanted to help me regain my testimony. Not once did my Stake President try to stop me resigning as Bishop.

He did however ask me several times why I wasn’t resigning from the Church too, and right in front of my then believing wife, who was in floods of tears for fear she had lost her Eternal Marriage.

I was also told in no uncertain terms to “not speak about any of the issues I had with the Church with any other members, or face disciplinary action.” Which for me meant excommunication, something I wanted to avoid for the sake of my faithfully believing family, at that time.

Effectively I had my lips sealed for about a year, when I decided I needed to speak out.


I actually don’t blame the individual leaders for their apparent indifference to our ‘Spiritual Blindness’.

I blame the undue influence inherent in Mormonism which uses fear to maintain the belief system. Institutionalised Fear!

When the leader’s testimonies are challenged by our questions or disbelief their minds automatically act in self-defence, by virtue of a normal human psychological phenomenon called amygdala hijacking. A form of self-deception.

From what I’ve personally experienced both as a serving bishop and through my own resignation, as well as from the anecdotal evidence of thousands around the world, it is very apparent that a pattern of behaviour is occurring generally, based on leaders feeling the overwhelming need to protect the Church. This is an emotion driven behaviour based on fear without any sort of concern for the individual welfare of those who are suffering.


With the benefit of looking at the Church from a little distance nowadays, it seems that the objective of the Church in running BYU and in sending young people on missions is to promote compliance & conformity, at the same time as denying the individuality of people with particular needs & the individual potentials of its followers.

Just look at what happened to Curtis Penfold when he changed his beliefs whilst studying at BYU.

If just for a moment we consider the Church is indeed a construction of man/men and that the doctrines & policies are based on an irrational superstitious belief system rather than objective reality, it becomes easy to see how this would deny its adherents the authenticity they need to foster wellbeing & promote their individual potentials.

Experienced cult recovery experts & psychological therapists are seeing the very negative emotional trauma of people trying to live in a false reality caused by this religion.

This is especially true of authoritarian, hierarchical religions where conformity, obedience & orthodoxy are emphasised.

If the Church truly valued the Christlike compassion it avows, then Bishops and Stake Presidents around the world would be concerned about the emotional welfare of those who are going through the trauma of the faith crisis.

Hopefully one day this will be the case. For now we continue our campaign.

Rather than blaming the members. I hold the institution itself responsible.


Playing The Role Of Leader In The Church

Unrighteous Dominion or Spiritual Abuse by Priesthood Leaders

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There really is nowhere to hide (or lose) the Lamanites!

Guest Blog:


Simon Southerton explodes the apologists arguments for the Mesoamerican Limited Geography excuses regarding DNA.

Outstanding work Simon!

“It is insulting to Native Americans to pretend they were an unmentionable peasant underclass recruited into Lehite societies to build Nephite temples and fight in the Nephite-Lamanite wars. The Maya were already well on the road to developing complex civilisations by 800BCE. Why would they hand over the reigns to a small band of Semites who they vastly outnumbered? Why would they adopt Lehite names, and familial hatreds and carry on a pointless 1000 year-long brotherly feud? Its high time that the honourable and decent thing was done and these futile, damaging and racist arguments were laid to rest.”

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